Competition Rankings for May

February’04-Pedro: 86
May’04-holy reality:74 <
June’04-Pedro: 81
July’04-Pedro: 83

“Some friendly compeition”
“Competition confusion?”

We have a neW month and a neW competition.

so start posting here if you Want to participate this month.
and please put the amount of lds in your signature to make it easyer to count the total amount of lds.

good luck everyone :smile:

holy reality - 74
lucidity_master - 50
puddingbunny - 36

monitor199a - 19
toadstool - 15

mystic - 11
shirotora - 10
kamilprz - 10

sureal - 9
siiW - 8

dream monster - 4
clarkkent - 4

evilshiznat - 3
johan s - 3
macrophage - 3
JaRoD - 3

Cyrus - 2
Loose Id - 2
scoo - 2

spaceseel - 0

And the winner is: holy reality with 74 LD’s :beer: :clap: :adored:

Yes! I’m on top with one LD! :tongue:

i havent been recording all of them damn it, oh well. ATM that i have recored i have had 5. I am in a bit of a slump on my lding, maybe i will get back this month. i hope so

You’ve recorded 5 and probably had more you didn’t recorded, and call that a “slump”? :eek:

hell yes lol

I’ll get in on this month too. Have 3 so far.

I may as well join in this month :grin:.

Two so far for me. A really cool long one, and a short one…

I’ll join too :grin:
Zero, so far. Been too busy working on my novadreamer without REM-detection thingy to concentrate on RC’s and other LD stuff.

I’ve had 3 so far this month.

one so far…
strangely there seem to be a 9-day gap between my LD’s. At least it’s been so for 4 out of my 5 latest LD’s :smile:

One, and it was short.

2 more from last night that i can remember, i had a few more, but ofcourse i 4got them on waking sooooo i wont b counting if i cant remember.

lol it was cool in one of the lds i made things grow and shrink all over the place, i clearly remember doing this to someones eyes, and then to my own, it was the trippyest feeling i have ever felt u have 2 try it :happy:

LOL great idea TS :smile:

5 LDs so far for May.

looks downward at his signature

Yeah, 29… I’m not sure if all of them are in my DJ, but I know I started recording them early this month.

I did in fact count them though starting the beginning, one night I had 6 or 7 I think so that is what bumps the average up quite a bit, usually it’s 2-4 a night.

I feel like I should count higher since I often have to re-enter my dreams 4 or more times and really really strain to remain stable and in dream, and I mean, that isn’t easy, often times I just happily accept a dream is ending, sometimes I get mad and go back, and well, my “skills” for re-entry only really came to me about 3-4 or so months ago, having LDed for what, 2 years?

I’ve been able to have at least one a night more or less for probably a year or close to a year by now though.

29 LDs so far?? That’s pretty amazing! I think we got a new Pedro over here :content:
What techniques do you usually use? Or do you just become lucid by recognizing the “dream feeling”?

Good job! :happy:

fortunately/unfortunately i don’t use techniques

i’m usually lucid in my 2nd and last dream cycles… because I wake up after every REM it seems like… I unplugged my clock to see if that would help me feel more rested, and I think it has, I find myself wanting to get up at like 2 a.m. though … :confused:

but yeah, I don’t know, I guess I unconsciously WILD into my LDs, whenever I wake from a dream I think about it, and if it was a good dream, I try to re-enter it, and I usually won’t be lucid, or if I decide the dream isn’t worth continuing, I’ll end up becoming lucid sometime later after going back to sleep… and then I’ll usually be semi-lucid in the morning and then upon wake up/re-entry I’ll be fully lucid.

It depends… it’s rare that I actually stay awake into paralysis or into a dream, only if I have to keep re-entering an already lucid one.

So I think I’ve just set up a pattern of familiarity to dreaming.

I think I’ll try to be lucid in my first dream cycle tonight! Those are always fun.

4 LD’s

You may be WILDing unconsciously into your LDs? You’re one lucky guy :wink:

to some degree mystic, not in other aspects.

9 now

I didn’t think this owuld be happening, but I kept track just in case. I’m at 8 for this month…

HOW THE F does HR have 29… lol… does he sleep all day?