November competition rankings, is winner dreamwalker

November’03-dreamwalker:33 <
February’04-Pedro: 86
May’04-holy reality:74
June’04-Pedro: 81
July’04-Pedro: 83

“Some friendly compeition”
“Competition confusion?”

Competition Rankings for November

Congratulations to dreamwalker, who has won November 2003 competition rankings.

Competition results are as follows:

(1.) dreamwalker = 33

(2) TimeLess_Soul = 18

(3.) penguinDreams = 16

(4.) imm0rtal = 15

(5.) mystic = 13

(6.) odd2k = 10

(7.) Tomas = 9

(8.) -=JaSoN=- = 8

(9.) The Wizard, toadstool, Raven24 = 7

(10) Moonhunter, Space Wrangler = 6

(11.) MtMan, Atheist, clarkkent, Technodreamer = 5

(12.) Minako = 4

(13.) sage, daysong, Xenesis, Fixos, bigjedman = 2

(14.) ypm, charlottedreamer, Sruthan = 1

(15.) Moogle, reality?..failure!, Haku = 0

OK, it’s now closed. These are the final results. Congratulation dreamwalker for the high level of LDing. Thanks for parrticipating, and sorry I didn’t respond fast enough to this thread for finalizing the results.

I would also like to comment on Moogles special hat trick, of three 0 of LDs in a row.

If you have any problems then do not hasatate to send my a PM, unless you are telling me that I have bad spelling.

Well done to all.

It looks like you are in charge Techno! But I’ll do it if you haven’t got the time.

I’ll see if I get a hat trick of 0 LDs for 3 months. :tongue:

hmm ok then, put me on for 2 then i will join this comp help me keep track of my ld "D

Did you mean you already had two Timeless-soul, or doid you mean “add me too”

Ok, I’ll be in charge, I’ll update it everytime I logon, I most liley have time.

I’m competing again. Just had 1 LD tonight. (More about it in my DD)

i mean both. join me up and put me down for two ld this month

Ok, join me up. Also put me down for one, very scattered LD.

This post is part of an experiment I am conducting. It is to see wether I can automaticly update the competition status using Visual Basic programming languages.

It seems I can determine the size, but cannot actually access the information. I will have to ask PasQuale

I join this time also… No lds yet though since i have not sleept in over 24 hours :smile:

I’ll join :content: I already have one from last night!

Sorry to be annoying, yet another test. I can get the content bu not the size of the thread, lol.

i wasnt aware that VB could do that on someone elses web page :bored:

and to think i hate my programming class but it has soo many uses

and i would say knock me up for another one but the bloody hail woke me up and now i have forgotten my dreams all i remember is the damn feeling :grrr:

stupid hail


you can put me in :happy: Last time was fun :smile:

Sign me up for this month. Good luck to all!

Hehee…OKies Techno,
I will join,
I have had ZERO LD’s this month.

Always room for improvement heh!

Fey~ :peek:

Alright I’ll join this month. Put me down for 2. Good luck to all.

well well well dreamwalker we meet again. are you ready for a dule

reality?..failure! thanks for making this sticky. Good luck to everyone. I have people’s last 4 months in a database and I am calculating the progress since they first entered the cometition rankings. I can give anybody there percentage of improvment.

I guess that makes two competitions. One to see who gets the most LDs and another to see who has done well at improving.

Anybody who does not wish to be in the database please say now. It is only a list of UserNames, there final LD results for July, August, Sep and Oct. And then I will calculate progress.

Geees, I feel like I take this competition thing to seriuosly, and as some said in the last months, it not a “competition” it’s just a “freindly competition” to help people set there intensions to get more LDs.

Wow, just had another one!
I was in some woods and I was running away from someone and then I remembered I would be much faster if I could turn myself to a wolf. In the same moment I remembered that I was dreaming so I became a wolf and ran throught the woods with some other wolves. But the rest where all black wolves, only I was white. What a great feeling, was actually running just like wolves do!

November’s LDs so far: 2

Here comes the Raven!

Signing me up for november competition? YES
Keeping track of my rate of improvement? YES

YES to everything!!!

And by the way, I had a LD the other night, so I have 1 LD in november so far. More to follow.

P.S: How do i add a signature. I would post my total nov LD’s there if I only knew how to do that :smile:

Good luck to you all!