Competition confusion

I noticed in competition threads that there were confusions like,
-Does my LD count as an LD if it only lasted 10 seconds?

-Do we count the nights or the LDs, so one night with 3 LDs would be one LD in the competion thread, or 3 LDs in a night would be 3 LDs in the competion thread

-Should I keep count in my signature?

-What time does the competition start and close, for example, UK is (I make this up) 99 hours behind the US.

And any other questions people can think of?

We should set down guidlines to stop confusion. But it’s up to the forum.

In my opinion:

Yes, it should count.

I say we should count the LD’s not the nights, and LD’s would have to be posted in the dream diary forum. Ok, one can self-censor or leave out details which one might not want to give… that’s understandable. But I would believe that most LD’s would be really interesting to read. I think a good number are posted and I enjoy reading them, for inspiration, etc.

Yes, that’s an ideal thing to do, IMHO…

I think everyone’s local time should count, according to the timezone we set in our profile. It makes life easier.

The only problem with this is trying to figure out which lucid dreams are seperate. I know with myself when my dream recall is not at it’s peak I can have meories of distinct lucid scenes, but am unable to remember if there’s something connecting them. There’s also the case of when one LD’s and just keeps FA’ing every minute or so, with some lucid and some not, which can lead to a high tally of “seperate LD’s” when realy it all comes from the same mindset over a short period.

This happened to me this morning, and I’m still a bit confused as to how to count it.

Not big issue, but something worth considering.

I hadn’t considered that, not having experienced this…
You do have a point and counting would be simpler for sure.
Perhaps we can hear some other opinions too…

Daysong has a good idea. She puts any LDs after 31st (or 30th depending on the month) to the next month. Therefore time doesn’t matter, the day before the last day of the month ends at the competitions keeper’s time and anything on the last day is put to the 1st of the next month

We obviously count more LDs in one night, but I’d say you actually have to wake up in between if you want to count more. So you have one LD, you wake up, you remember the dream, then you fall back asleep and have another LD. Cause sometimes you have a dream, you’re lucid for a while, then you’re not lucid anymore, and then you’re lucid again… but if you don’t wake up in between then I wouldn’t count this as two LD, but as one. Of course there are many different scenes in a dream and sometimes they can change really fast and so it may seem like many different dreams, but I say it only counts as one dream until you wake up. Well that’s just my opinion, I don’t know if you agree.

And about LDs that only count 10 seconds… I really don’t know. I personally wouldn’t count that, but I never have that short LDs anyway. How much can happen in only 10 seconds anyway? I guess it’s up to everyone to decide for themselves what is an LD and what not, cause we can’t see their dreams to decide. I’ve notice people have different opinions about what is LD and what not. I had one dream this month where I wasn’t sure about it and wanted ot hear if others would call that an LD or not, so I wrote it in a topic called ‘Was this LD?’ I didn’t count that dream then, but I saw that most people who replied would count it, if they dreamed that, so…

It is of course easier for the one counting LDs if you have that written in your signature. But I don’t wanna have that. So I suggest that those who don’t count LDs in they signature shouldn’t just write ‘one more for me’ but should also say how much that makes it all together in the following month. For example: ‘one more last night. that’s 5 so far’.

The competition should of course start on 1st of the month. So people in some countries will have that earlier than people in other countries, but so what?

So the questionm is, should be count repetitive “one after the other” LDs as one LD or as seperate LDs.

I agree with Minako about counting seperate LD’s if you wake up between them, but if you don’t wake up then counting it as just one.

I think though that 10 second Ld’s should count as LD’s. If you know you are dreaming, in a dream, then surely you are lucid dreaming. This is just my opinion though, and since I don’t take part in the competition…

i say count them if you wake up inbetween then it is all good. but in a lot of times i have been lucid dream ended and i didnt wake up next dream was lucid again so taht sould b 2 no? anyway that hasnt happened 2 often anywayz

I agree - let’s count them separately if we wake up inbetween them.

I have to agree here. I remember becoming Lucid. Lossing Lucidity for a dream and then becoming Lucid again. I will leave people to decide wether they had Lds or just an LD.

I count them as seperate if they were seperated by wakefulness or an Nd period. If I’m lucid, have a FA, and then go lucid again I count that as one ld.