LD Competition Final Results For July

July’03-TimeLess_Soul:15 <
February’04-Pedro: 86
May’04-holy reality:74
June’04-Pedro: 81
July’04-Pedro: 83

“Some friendly compeition”
“Competition confusion?”

*** Final Results ***

1. TimeLess_Soul b[/b]

2. mystic b[/b]

3. m2k961 b[/b]

4. fdroy b[/b]

5. tomas b[/b]

6. Pinky b[/b]

7. Badcandlejack, otyg, abrickinthewall b[/b]

8. Jason31, Talyn b[/b]

9. Lynx, ginkgothian b[/b]

10. Magus176, mindexplorer, Hivemind, Crowe, Tride15 b[/b]

11. brad. b[/b]

12. Fortune Cookie, MetaKnight4, chosenone-, catkey, VisionDreamz, Xenesis, Freecube b[/b]

Alright, I had a great lucid dream last night. July LD’s=2

Up to 5 now! :smile: I’ve never had this many LD’s in such a short period of time. Hugs self Hugs forum

Pinkster :lmao:

3 LD’s in one week is a record for me…
July LD’s = 3

4 LDs in 3 days. They were not very interesting, but it looks promising though. Especially now that the exams are over and holidays are starting, now I’ve got all the time to work on my LDing :smile:


Hey good job for starting this chart again, Badcandlejack. I’ll try to be in this one this month, just check my signature.

I had 2 LD’s so far, I’ll start recording them in sig.

As I look through my DJ, i see 3 here, sorry about that.

im still at 1 single LD :grrr:

My dreamrecall being very poor also

I’ll join in. :grin: I have a whopping 1 LD so far.

i pitty u fools :grin: haha jk but i think i win…i have had 6 lucid dreams this month :happy: and i’m just a beginner :content: if u want me to describe them all i will

…unfortunatly…they were very short and not completley full blown lucid dreams do they still count??? (sorry if i sound like im braging i don’t want to)

Did you want to join the competition or just mock from the sidelines? :wink:

Short lucid dreams are fine, it’s really up to you to decide if they count or not.

Anyone who wants to join should put their score in their signature and post a message here that I can keep an eye on. If you don’t post here than I’ll still add you to the table if I notice your signature while I’m browsing the forum, but I can’t guarantee it.

lol i’ll just mock from the sidelines hehe just kiddin na i don’t think i’ll join i just got lucky with the short ones :smile: :content: good luck to all who have joined

Very short lucid moment last night: I was jumping in the air getting higher and higher. As a results I became low lucid and jumped even higher. It was awesome :content: but it didn’t last for long though.

I’m joining now, too…

Though I go on vacation for two weeks starting tomorrow, and then to Spain for two weeks after that, I think I can keep this streak going.

Current count: 2

LD1: Not much at all, just rereading text a few times and realizing lucidity

LD2: First flight (that I know of) in my unusually-pretty neighborhood

July LD’s = 4

July LDs=2

Funny LD last night :happy: July LD’s = 5