Competition Rankings for June


February’04-Pedro: 86
May’04-holy reality:74
June’04-Pedro: 81
July’04-Pedro: 83
August’04-Monitor199a: 32
September’04-penguinDreams: 26
October’04-emjay: 32
November’04-Pedro: 34
December’04-Freecube: 115

January’05-JaRoD: 18
February’05-Freecube: 48
March’05-Dark Sider: 15
April’05-R3TRO: 134
May’05-Freecube: 137
June’05-Pedro: 95
July’'05-Xetrov: 14
August’'05-Pedro: 19
September’'05-Whitewolf: 14
October’'05-JaRoD: 12.5
November’'05-sennomulo: 17
December’'05-Manko: 14

January’'06-freedom88: 21
February’'06-freedom88: 20
March’'06-Wyvern: 23
April’'06-freedom88: 25
May’'06-freedom88: 28.5

“Some friendly competition”
“Competition confusion?”

So start posting your LD’s. And please put the total amount of LD’s in your signature to make it easier to count the total amount of LDs.

So anyone feel like taking over doing the competition rankings from now? I got a full time job last week so I’m a bit busy now :grin:

MatrixManNe0 - 24.5
freedom88 - 13

Julian Iron - 9.5
Perpetual Lucidity - 8
Lucid_Mike - 6.5
Wyvern - 5

Amused Himself to Death - 4
Lucid_Viking - 3
Basilus West - 3
WhiteWolf - 3

Cyrus - 2
Manko - 2
Siiw - 2
Neko - 1
moogle - 1
Lanina - 1
Josh Redstone - 1

/me poke random mods and users :tongue:

Was wondering where you went, JaRoD!

I wouldn’t mind taking over doing the competition rankings. It’s not that hard… right? Eh… except I’m not a mod or anything special. :neutral:

Anyway, I’ve had 4.5 since June started.

I had 6 : 5 in a row during a nap, and a nice and clean WILD two days after… :smile:

lol I don’t mind taking over, but looks like MMN got there first :content:

3.5 this month so far :smile:

Eek! I can’t seem to get started this month! I’m still sitting with 1. Luckily for me, it was this month’s Moon Quest. Some cool fighting, especially if you’re into the UFC. (Click here to read it!)

I’ve had 5 really really short ones, so 2.5. lol, when I MILD, should I picture myself stabalizing the dream too? :razz:

You don’t need to be a mod. JaRoD isn’t. You just have to create a new thread every month and update it, and a mod will sticky it, and they lock it when it’s finished.

checks JaRoD’s status

Oh… well, all the stars confused me… Heh… :shy:

Erm. One more for me this morning. 5.5.

EDIT: 6.5 as of this morning. Almost completed quest, too! :smile:

I’ve had one boring one. :neutral:

wow a how load of sleep for me yesterday, resulting in a whole load of LD’s :smile:

4 short LD’s and 3 long LD’s, totalling 5 for this morning, which makes 8.5 for this month so far :content:

2 more… :smile:

I’ve had one so far, on the first of the month :smile:

I got one! :smile:

I haven’t forgot you guys, just not the luck I had last month. This month’s been busy and I haven’t been getting enough sleep. Even my recall is down, (missing a day or two a week). I guess I have to sleep if I want to dream. :grin:

Today, Sunday, I slept a long time and had a few dreams. So, 1.5 for me giving me 2.5. One was long and detailed, little control, the other was very short. Two interesting FA’s too. (Click here to read)

:yay: finally a chance to post in this topic after a dry spell
1 LD for me for June

Uh… your link wasn’t working for me, moogle. worked. :wink:

yay well done moogle!

1 more this morning, from a DS oddly … was super stable and clear too; total for this month is 9.5

I had a beautiful LD last night! It just felt right, going to bed and WBTB’ing. Sure enough, I had a super-long and detailed one. Lots of tasks completed too. Read all about it! This puts me to 3.5

Interesting WILD’s last night with equally interesting HH.

8.5 I believe is the count.

First in June