Competition Rankings for May




February’04-Pedro: 86
May’04-holy reality:74
June’04-Pedro: 81
July’04-Pedro: 83
August’04-Monitor199a: 32
September’04-penguinDreams: 26
October’04-emjay: 32
November’04-Pedro: 34
December’04-Freecube: 115

January’05-JaRoD: 18
February’05-Freecube: 48
March’05-Dark Sider: 15
April’05-R3TRO: 134
“Some friendly compeition”
“Competition confusion?”

So start posting your LD’s. And please put the total amount of LD’s in your signature to make it easyer to count the total amount of LDs.

Good luck and don’t stay up all night :razz: because then you wont have time to LD :smile:

Freecube - 137

Jul’ - 16
Dark Sider - 14.5
tombo - 14
Manko - 9

Cyrus - 7
Inchworm - 7
Lanina - 6
Siiw - 6
Josh Redstone - 4
Sureal - 4
JaRoD - 4

whispa - 3.5
Ahmad - 3
WhiteWolf - 2

Enamored_Spirit - 1
moogle - 1
broken-sword88 - 1
Jeremy - 1

So, the winner is Freecube with 137 LDs :grin:
/me thinks a while, then throw a lucid pie at Freecube :tongue:
you don’t need pies to get lucid :wink:
But it’s nice to see that you’re still going strong with your LDing :cool_laugh:

I had had one on May 1st. :smile:

I had one too!

I had one the morning of May 1st.
My first one, too!

2nd in May.
Ihope this signature thing works now.

2 here. Will post later :cool:

At the end of May will be my first year since i started to have lucid dreams (conciously) :content:

Today morning i had 2 LD-s, and later when i did some WBTB, i started to have some immediate LD-s also, but unfortunately they did not turned out decent dreams, so i just fall asleep eventually.

talking from expereince, eh Jarod ? :happy:

Sign me up for 1 LD. :smile:

hey i had more than 118, oh well…

my cat has been waking me up early, so Ihavent been having TOO many

4 on may 1st
5 on may 2nd
3 on may 3rd
4 on may 4th

:smile: total of 16

Jarod seems to be still sleeping :tongue:

Anyway, those 2 days have been good for me.

Today i had 1 relatively long LD, and then 1 short one; later 1 short OBE and then 1 long OBE. Because my first OBE ended “in the middle” and i started over with my second OBE, i will count them as one.

So 3 more LD-s today morning, what make 5 in May so far :content:

3 LDs on may 4, I’ll post them later…

One last morning, a short wild. That makes 3, and i’ll post them when i get back.

One more, 3rd this month.

I’ve had 3 this month :smile:

Why havent I been put in JaRoD? :razz:

5 on the 5th of may
Slept in a long time today with frequent WBTBs, so 7

so that makes 28 for this month

One more, a looonnnggg one, and many many lucid awakenings.
2 LDs for May so far :smile:

Now seriously. Anyone knows where Jarod is? Taking a forced break from internet for awhile? :neutral:

I had a lucid dream today, first one since March I think

had my first one for this month on the 3rd. I now have more time to work on my lucid dreaming, so I’m looking forward to this months outcome :grin: