Competition Rankings for December

December’03-Lucidity_Master:44 <
February’04-Pedro: 86
May’04-holy reality:74
June’04-Pedro: 81
July’04-Pedro: 83

“Some friendly compeition”
“Competition confusion?”

The competition will close at midnight in your timezone. I will post the final rankings approx 23.00 GMT on 1 Jan.
Same as usual. Anyone can join…just post here and put your LDs for Dec in your signature.

Final Rankings

Lucidity_Master 44

Monitor 199a 23

DM7 19

odd2k 13

mystic 12

Moonhunter 11

Space Wrangler 10
Tomas 10

clarkkent 9

Raven 24 8

brad 7
Mtoker 7

explosive58 4
JaSon 4

bigjedman 3
charlottedreamer 3
The Wizard 3
Ypm 3

Fenederee 2

moogle 0
mrvanhalen 0
sruthan 0[/b]

If you post bump me up x LDs please put in total as well to avoid confusion (esp. in my early hours of night!} Thanks

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I would like to join this months competition again, put me down for one.


I’d love to enter the competition too. Please remember that I’m not going to HUNT for LD’s. I’m going to let them come naturally. :smile:

Put me for one. :smile: I dreamt that 2 nights ago. What a silly dream. Hehe.

I’m in this month too. I’m already up to 3, and I have a really good felling about this month. A long vacation = lots of time to do WBTB.


Count me in, zero LDs and a lot of pre-lucids so far… :neutral:

Dec Lds-6724890689046!

Either wishful thinking or I am having a forum dream!

I’m in!!! Starting at 0 … my goal is at least 3 for the month.


I had one on Dec 2nd!

Dec: 1 LD



Chalk me up for one more. Total’s two so far for December, I’ve already beat last month’s one.


Haha, competition is a good LD inducer. I’m breaking my non-ld streak this month, just watch

I’m going to join in this month… got a good start. Put me down for 2 LD’s. Thanks.

put me up for one this month

i had a LD on Dec. 1st! what a way to start the month

I just had my first December LD…

i had another one last night :content:

Wow I think I’ve had somewhere around 10 pre-lucids so far this month. And only one LD :neutral: Anyway bump me up to one LD

Just wanted to add a post with the number of my LDs in my signature, hope it works.

:smile: Raven24

Sign me up for this month’s competition. Right now I have 0 LD’s.

Well, I had 2 little ones on the 1st/2nd morning. And just had 3 tonight/this morning. So I guess put me down for 5. :smile:

wow, 5 already!? and i thought i was doing pretty well with only 2. good luck man