Some friendly competition

I have found (or rather, confirmed) that setting an achievable LD goal for the month is very helpful. I have my month’s goal and current progress posted on the fridge. This way, I am reminded of my goal throughout the day. My goal (which I reached!) last month was four LDs. Anyways…

I thought it would be a good idea to have a little friendly competition going on in the forum :smile: . Choose your level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) and simply update your signature to show how many LDs you’ve had this month. We can use this thread to tell of our success, see who’s in the lead, etc. All in good fun. :wink:

So, if you’re interested, just say hello here and add a line to your sig. :cool:

I’m so in but it means giving up my old sig of your explanation of the black void :content: .

I take it my 9-10 months is negated by only having 5 LDs dumping me firmly into the beginners category.

Welcome aboard Raging_Canadian! You don’t have to give up your old sigs. Just add another line to them. Hmm… I don’t know how to break down the levels. Beginner: 0-3; Intermediate: 4-6; Advanced: 7+. ? What do you think? :eh:

Its your brainchild, its all up to you.

As for my sig, I had to cut it down a little to fit in to begin with.

Count me in, started realising that I had LD’s before yesterday thanks to this website, so I started focusing on it, had one yesterday.

Sweet dreams all :smile:

  • Xoalin


Yeah nice idea sage!!

Okay, I’m in. Let battle commence.

I think I like the pressure free atmosphere of dreaming better actaully.

I love competition. I always look for a chance to compete. I don’t even care about winning, it’s just the competition itself, its so awesome. I am 100% in, Except I have some ideas, will post later, must eat, bye.

Competition is a great motivator. Some people can just say “I’m going to have a lucid dream tonight” and succeed; but others need a little more push. Hopefully this will push us all to heaps more LDs, which is what it’s really all about.

And winners get bragging rights for a month :smile: .

awsom, hah, jokes on you guys, im already a head start, this morning i had a LD :happy:, this is like my what, 4th LD that actually lasted, so yay! ok now every1, if it gets too competitive, just resist cheating, dont lie!

I had another one last night. It was horrible.

I haven’t had enough LD’s, and I’ve been doing enough RC’s daily…but I NEVER give up hope completely! Bring it on, let’s see how many I can have this month!

Hey howbout reaching meditative state, LD are pretty much alike, so are those counting too?

  • Xoalin

I’m in. I had 2 in one day so I’m off to a good start.

lol ok my life is a comp and i hate to lose :smile: ur on

ok i havent had any this month but u wait lol oh i got a little supprise so u r gonna see my ld climb and climb and climb lol


dam i hope i put my sig on :smile:

eck could have done this a while ago but what the hell…I’d say beginner so i can get back on track slowly

Wow, people are already up to 3, awesome! I’m tempted to go back to bed and have another try instead of going to work :smile: .

Xoalin, I’d say that only LDs count. I don’t really know what you mean by the meditative state. :bored:

Please check the site under the catogory “Take Off → Spiritual”:

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