Competition Rankings for July




February’04-Pedro: 86
May’04-holy reality:74
June’04-Pedro: 81
July’04-Pedro: 83
August’04-Monitor199a: 32
September’04-penguinDreams: 26
October’04-emjay: 32
November’04-Pedro: 34
December’04-Freecube: 115

January’05-JaRoD: 18
February’05-Freecube: 48
March’05-Dark Sider: 15
April’05-R3TRO: 134
May’05-Freecube: 137
June’05-Pedro: 95
“Some friendly compeition”
“Competition confusion?”

So start posting your LD’s. And please put the total amount of LD’s in your signature to make it easyer to count the total amount of LDs.

Well, seems like I’m getting back into LD now, so I’ll probably be updating the competition more often than once a week from now on :razz:

And if you sleep in a room that’s way too hot or way too cold you might get LDs since you’ll probably keep waking up all the time :grin:

Xetrov - 14
Dark Sider - 11

Cyrus - 9
Pedro - 9
Manko - 7
kavaa - 6
Lanina - 5
Jul’ - 5

Macrophage - 4.5
JaRoD - 4.5
Wolf - 4
Sureal - 4
Susan Ivanova - 3

WhiteWolf - 2
Siiw - 2
hooyaah - 2
Basilus West - 1.5
HrX - 1
Josh Redstone - 1

Xetrov won this month :content: Congrats :cool:
/me hand Xetrov a lucid apple
Sorry, had no pies and I’m just too lazy to make new ones :wink:

I kept waking all the time today morning, because i needed to get up early. The result was 1 LD. Later i took a nap what resulted in OBE.

So 2 LDs for me :smile:

I’ll post them later in DJ.

I’ll be joining in every month during the summer
Zero so far, aiming to get back at my 6-7 LD rte :smile:

Good luck every one! :woot: :hyper: :astral: :dream: :sleep: :sleep:

This month I’m aiming to have some morning LD’s since I have very little luck with them. Had 4 Ld’s so far.

2 LDs yesterday evening, during a nap… I’ll post them later…

1 for me! :grin:

Just the one so far :smile:.

One for Kava.

9 LD’s.

I am back, not at home but in internet caffe so i have 3 at least till now, bad recall but new technique I found it is dream count tech, each ld you got in one night you join with number in the month, so i know at least 3 i got in two days, but mazbe four who know, I am not sure if it was 3 in july or in night.

I had 2 LDs today morning, and 1 false LD in FA, what i don’t count.

2+2=4 in July :content:

2 for kava


1 for me! :smile:

I was thinking of not participating this month… but I can’t stay away :grin:

3 LDs so far.

2 more
equals 5

One more, making two.

And it was a long one. Unfortunatly, I then had a FA and forgot most of it :confused:.

Had a short one this morning. Will count it as 0.5 LDs…
But atleast I had one :cool_laugh: Seems like I’m getting back in the game, so be affraid, be VERY affraid :wink:

Yes we will :tongue:

I had two LDs this night, so it makes it three this month so far.

I had one relatively low level LD today morning. It kept turning into ND, so i needed to remind myself that i’m dreaming all the time. And also i needed to fight with not to wake up, so i could not do much in it.

5 LDs now.