Competition Rankings for July

Had a long LD this morning :cool_laugh: Atleast long for me… about 5 minutes or so…

Had another LD :content: had it 3 hours after falling asleep at night :eh:

one more!
This will probably be my best month since September last year, yay :happy:

Just back from holliday, I had 7 LD’s so far this month.

I had one today, and a 2 very short ones yesterday and a short one the day before that, so i’ll count them all as 2 LDs.

Total = 5 LDs.

one so far!

I had very short LD today morning, but i think it was long enough to count it as 1 LD (comparing to “lucid moments” what i don’t count as LD).

6 so far :content:

i had a long LD … wierd because it was in first REM. :grin:
LDs = 6.

One more, very detailed, but ended too soon in a FA where I forgot a RC and wrote down my dream … :razz:

ps: darksider that could have been a nREM LD too!

6+1=7 :smile:

Oh yay, one more even! … (thats 9)

If OBE count as LDs, put me down for three total for July.

I made 6th couple of days ago
bad recall though I remember climbing on to the wall or roof.
and not much of the rest of dream

Had one a few days ago, kinda short but induced from a SP, which was a first for me, so yay !!

one more!
Makes 3 in total!

I’ll post it in my dj later tonight :tongue:

I had a short WILD this morning :smile:

I’m going to a 1-2 week trip day after tomorrow, so i’ll try to do my best to have any LDs in different places where i will sleep. I will post results when i’m able to be online again. I just came from 2-day trip and almost had OBE in first morning, but i didn’t make it. I just got too few hours for sleeping and i cannot recall any ND either.

Perhaps in next days i will get some more sleep and some more awareness within it :smile:

I had one on Saturday and one today. Total = 8 LDs.

I had one! :cool:

1 more makes 10… (kind of slack again this month :razz:)