Competition Rankings for July

A very bad month for me. I’ve just 1.5 LD’s. :sad: (1 full lucid dream and a very short one). But there can’t only be winners in a competition.

“L’essentiel est de participer” ~ Baron Pierre de Coubertin. (“The important thing is to participate”.) :tongue:

2 more for me… total 5.

i had a long one, but i forgot parts from it :meh: but still remember long lucid parts :grin:

:mirror: <-- i was doing exactely that :lol:

LDs = 9.

one more
that is 7th
bad recall, though.
Only one thing I remember, telling this is a dream within a dream, at least I recall when I logged in ld4all

I’ve had 2 more (making 4 now :smile:).

one more
= 4

I had one nice long one…and I wasn’t using any techniques or anything…no RC, no DJ, nothing :tongue:

I’ll record it in my DJ later.

2 more… total 5

Yeah I finnaly had one

does a jig

4 for me. :hurray:

Had another nice one, adding to a total of 11…

had 1 today, so that makes a total of…1, :sad:

had 5 seconds of lucidity this morning. I’ll count it as a half one, fair?

Total: 4.5 :cool:

1 looong WILD this morning. total = 10 LDs.

+1 :happy:

can anyone enter? or is it just invited ppl? :content:

hello hooyaah :wave: no, no invitation need :smile:

I think I´ll wait to when I get some more skills.
I´ve only had 2 small ones this week

I’m back from my trip with 2 LD’s. It makes 9 in July atm. I’ll post to DJ later when i get rid of trip lazyness :tongue:

Wow, lots of people joining all of the sudden :cool:

Well congrats to on getting an LD to everyone new that’s joined the competition :cool_laugh:

Macrophage, you can count it as 1 or 0.5, it’s up to you :content: It’s not like it’s a matter of life and death :tongue: Everyone count their LDs a bit differently. If I had a 5 sec LD I’d probably count it as 0.5 but people that haven’t been LDing that long would most likely count it as 1 :smile: