Competition Rankings for February

February’04-Pedro: 86 <
May’04-holy reality:74
June’04-Pedro: 81
July’04-Pedro: 83

“Some friendly compeition”
“Competition confusion?”

Since noone else bothered to make one, I’ll just make the rankings for this month, they will most likely be updated every day.

Please put your LDs for February in your signature as well to avoid confusion.


Pedro - 86

Timeless_Soul - 29

Lucidity_Master - 22

penguinDreams - 20

Monitor199a - 19

entranced - 14

odd2k - 13

JaRoD - 12
Tomas - 12

mystic - 11

No Poetic Device - 7
pav - 7

=JaSoN= - 6
whispa - 6

Raven24 - 5
ILuvSesshomaru - 5
ypm - 5
Moonhunter - 5

Ashvura - 4

clarkkent - 3
stranger - 3

Napoleon -

Space Wrangler - 1
plebian - 1

bigjedman - 0
moogle - 0
linnnunhammas - 0

Remember, it doesn’t matter how long your LD was. An LD is an LD, even if it lasted only a few seconds.

Starting off the month with 3 LD’s. :cool:

1 for me in february and wow what a weird one…
i was blind in the LD!!

Or mayme not blind, but it was like maybe UV-view…


1 for me also…

3 Ld’s so far. I am going to just forget aboyt Ld’s when I go to sleep and see what happens after this insane streak

please put me up there with 0!


i havnt had a LD in a month now. i dunno what the problem is…

I might as well join again. No LDs for this month. So I will prob be at the bottom of the rankings again…even the month I got 1 everyone else got at least one too. :tongue:

i think i’ll join in this month, time to get started :content:

I’ll join with 3 LD’s this month.

I’m joining this month too. Bad start though, none so far.

2 here so far

One more for me,…

Feb LDs: 2


Well I’m still trying to have LD’s but no way near as hard as last month lol. Leisure LDing now…

11 this month.

Oh yeah! Big well done to Lucidity Master for last months comp! More than 100 LD’s in one month! Impressive.

I was only 23 away from hitting 100 so I’m happy with my count but imagine the amount of lucid time he had to himself! Nice one


I’ll throw my hat into the ring with 3 LD’s so far

14 now.

14 now.

Please put me down for 1 for Feb.

6 LD’s.

1 so far for me