Competition Rankings for August

August’03-Xetrov:11 <
February’04-Pedro: 86
May’04-holy reality:74
June’04-Pedro: 81
July’04-Pedro: 83

“Some friendly compeition”
“Competition confusion?”

On to september…

The Final Results:

1. Xetrov b[/b]

2. Timeless_Soul b[/b]

3. JJJ b[/b]

4. M2k961, Brad., BadcandleJack b[/b]

5. Fdroy b[/b]

6. Realms Of Perdition, Sage b[/b]

7. Arono, DutchThor, Freecube, Tripper, Sleepherder, Magus176, Odd2k, Talyn b[/b]

8. MetaKnight4, Xenesis, Moogle, Ashvura b[/b]

looks good to me…i’ll keep ya updated :content:

I’m in. No LDs for this month, yet.

I’m in! Had a fairly ordinary one last night,…so 1 so far this month.

I’d join in again, but my performance so far is nothing short of depressing.


I’m almost prepared to give up, I’m just NOT making any progress AT ALL. :sad:

I’m doomed to a dull and average life, I swear.

Had my first LD last night, ever :cool_laugh: Look at my dream journal to see. :tongue:

I’m in, but, there’s no real point.

I am at 2 ld’s so far. My first time having one during a nap…
How do you have .5 of a lucid dream???

August LD’s = 2

1 sofar this month… but im getting closer to more i think… somehow i have loads of pre lucids :cool_laugh:

I had 2 while the server was down, they were pretty fun, too :cool:

August LD’S= 3

When Dreamwalker won the June competition, he mentioned using black lighting - what exactly did you mean (@Dreamwalker or anyone who knows.) :eh:

bump me up one :grin:

I think I’ll join too.

That is all.

I’m new here and just finding my way around the site. No wonder I’m not having much luck in my ld quest, if I haven’t noticed this before.
Could one of you helpful people tell me what it’s all about or point me in the right direction to find out?

Hi moogle.

Some people find friendly competition to be a good incentive to work harder at getting LDs. If you’re one of those people then you put your LD total for this month in your signature, add a post to this thread, and your rank gets updated as the month progresses.

There’s no prize for winning except the unending respect of everyone you ever meet from now until your death.

I find it interesting and encouraging to read of all your successes but I will just keep viewing this topic with hope of one day having even just ONE ld.

my results june 0
------------ july 0
------------aug 0.000000000000001 I nearly started one and had fa in which I was telling people about my near miss!

Not worth reporting is it?

Wow, sorry people, I just went on a week camping trip and got back now, and realized that I didnt update this…

Its updated now and ready to go for the future.

I’ve had 1 in august total. That’s my first one ever too lol

congrats homie