LD Competition Final Results For June

June’03-dreamwalker:26 <-
February’04-Pedro: 86
May’04-holy reality:74
June’04-Pedro: 81
July’04-Pedro: 83

“Some friendly compeition”
“Competition confusion?”

1.Dream Walker b[/b] “I’ll be back”

2. Lynx b[/b]

3. mystic, fdroy b[/b]

3. tomas b[/b]

4. Sage, Timeless_Soul, Jason31 (4)

5. Badcandlejack b[/b]

6. Xoalin, Xetrov, Visiondreamz (2)

7. Mindexplorer, Lucian (1)

“The Bottom”: Raging_Canadian, chosenone-, Neo, Rjx, Gov b[/b]

NOT ONLY IS THIS POST USELESS, it also makes me feel bad :crying: nah, jk, good job to all of those who got a place other than last! :wink:

I’m all for setting yourself a goal and competing with others for the purpose of improving your own LD ability… but wouldn’t this provoke people to cheat? It’s not like you can back up your score. :wink:

Atheist you appalling cynic.

Everyone knows that us LDers are at least 47% more decent and honest than the scum that make up the rest of humanity. Have you met people who can’t LD? God, they’re like animals.

I’m not sure I really needed to be reminded of my score though :sad:

That is crazy that one of you has five already… I am at three now btw.
Maybe this competition is a good thing b/c I have never had a lucid dream two nights in a row before.

I almost always have a LD every night. Somethimes I have an off night though. But you have to remember, I have been doing this for a long time now.

You’re disqualified. Pack your stuff and go… well… anywhere you want, apparently. :wink:

lol i totaly agree and any way , why cheat, i ant gonna met any of u so why sould i show off (unless i met u in a dream) and plus i would be only lying to my self. Look i am proud of who i am and i dont care that i still havent had a ld… ok i take that back i really really want a ld but my dam school work bah. Any way just remember. One day i will be number 1 hahahaha. hmmmm untill than i will sit back and feel very very jelous :smile:



you left me out of the bottom! :eek:

I doubt that people will cheat on this, everyone wants to have more ld’s and this is one way of getting them, but if you cheat you won’t have them so why do it? Besides, people who cheat are just sad and have no ambition and people usually notice when they cheat.

Ahh… I wish there was a machine that displayed your dreams on a monitor. Although, if the police got their hands on a tape of my dreams… :eek:

I am proud to say that i’ve had 5 lucid dreams so far this June :grin:. A very good accomplishment for me. The only reason I’ve had so many is b/c school is out!! I guess I will compete, but I don’t really like this type of competition b/c it usually doesn’t help to motivate me, it just makes me worry, which is not the type of mindset I wish to promote in myself.

The whole purpose of this competition is to get people to have more LDs. If you think that competing will help you to accomplish this, then compete. If you think it will hinder you, then don’t.

Is there a secret? I’m still at two. :smile:

cant you do better then that?

im on 23 by now…i promise!!!

Can´´t believe you guys, competition for LDs?? Is this some new sport or something? every dremer is one of kind, some people born LDing others have to work it…
Is there some cup for the winner, a medal or somethig?
I am sorry ,but is kinda new thing to me…

:alien: hehe, It should be a spot shouldn’t it? Ive been having a bunch of near lds where I do Ld stuff withought really knowing im dreaming. I think people used to call these “Fake LD’s”

yonisia, no, there’s no cup for the winner, just bragging rights for a month. :smile:

But why compete? It’s just like in running. When you go to time yourself for a 5k run or whatever, almost without fail, your time will be better if there’s someone who’s right on your tail through the whole race, as opposed to you just running by yourself.

The winner should get to stride through the forum and chat room like a kind of dreaming colossus, accompanied everywhere by buxom handmaidens who throw rose petals at their feet.

Either that or everyone just hates them for a bit.

And I’m finally off the mark, go Team Badcandle.

LOL! Mmmm… buxom handmaidens :smile: . I guess the winner, and only the winner, is allowed to have the above as an LD. Congrats on getting off the mark Badcandlejack. We are currently tied, but I’m just jogging along right now. :wink:

Im at 2 this month… :eek:

2 lds i can fully recall here.