LD Competition Final Results For June

I may be in “The Botton” but I’m listed first. Ha!

This is a kinda cool idea, not sure if it will actually help but any type of motivation helps and if I can get even 1 lucid this month. . . .

. . . . I will . . . .

      . . . . kiss the first DC I encounter . . . .                                 . . . nah to normal. .

. . . immediately wake up to write it down. . . . . . hope not . . .

       . . . .make wild passionate love to sage. . . 
                           . . . maybe in his dreams. . .                     . . .I don't swing that way. . . 

. . . Have a corny broadway LD. . . .

I do believe I found the winner, if i get an LD this month I will have a corny broadway dream.

I think it would be slightlty better if you divied it into the skill levels. like the winners for Beginners, the winners for Intermediate, and the winners (and overall winners) for Advance

hmmm what bout if the winner after it all has to post the best ld and in the longest and best reall that he can for that month. And we get a spical note from the moderaters lol hi all :smile:

any way i am crawling my way to the top lol

1 here!

I agree that competition can be a good thing, as long as you’re striving for the best that you can be and not cheating. Also, I think that maybe the winners should have trophy avatars. That would be cool.

BTW, no LD’s for me this month, or last month… Darn school work and studying and partying. :beer: I never get any sleep!


yes im on now!!! hehe

I think this competition has the opposite effect on me. My last LD was on May 31. Before that, I had LDs every 2 or 3 days. But after I read about this competition… NOTHING happened for almost 2 weeks now.
Last night I remembered a pretty long dream with a lot of action going on. I almost became prelucid. That’s perhaps a good sign :smile:
Well, I’m not going to give up, but with the exams coming the following weeks… I hope I could have at least 1 LD this month, but that would still be the worst result in 14 months :neutral:

i am on three all good, oh this last 1 was da best i didnt wake up for like 15 min

i write more laterz



I just had 3 super long, super smooth, ultra vivid LD’s last night. That’s the most LD’s I’ve had in one night before. I quess I owe it all to my special little secret…hehe :nodnodwinkwink:

alright than dream walker, share ur little secreat, we are all here to help each other right???




I’d love to tell you, but there is 2 things. One we are in competition. Two if I told you it wouldn’t be a secret no more. Maybe I’ll tell you when the comp’s over.

lol, dream walker thats not fair. How bout u8 email me and i will email you back a secret of mine :content:


A secret TimeLess_Soul. What does your secret deal with.

There’s no way we can catch you dreamwalker, you might as well let us in. :smile:

Finally I had a LD last night!! Nothing interesting happened (I was investigating my neighbour’s house) but it’s a LD nonetheless :smile:

stalking your nabours in your dreams huh lol, well i just hit hols so i am all up for this comp give me a good night sleep tonight and i will b on my way, look out dreamwalker i am gonna bite u up the arse if you dont get more lol

Lol yeah, but it was fun to see how they had the same cellar as me :smile: . And in their living room there was a door standing, without any walls around it. Very strange, but I forgot to open the door argh. Perhaps I should check if their home looks really the same IRL as in my dream.

lol yer thqat would be good and tell em you are checkin cause u saw there house in a dream and see what they do lol good luck lol

Yeah as they open the door for me I’ll say “Hello, I’m just wondering if I could check all your rooms because in my dream last night I entered your home where I found out you have a single door with no walls around it in your living room. Thx”
I think they’re going straight to my mother to ask if I’m taking drugs or if I’m going mental. In two weeks they leave on a holiday. I’ll see if I can sneak in by then :grin:

I am now at 4 lucid dreams for this month. I had a drell spell of like 8 days, but I have started praticing dream yoga and had 2 in the last 2 days.

Fdroy - 4