Competition Rankings For September

Semptember’03-dreamwalker:31 <
February’04-Pedro: 86
May’04-holy reality:74
June’04-Pedro: 81
July’04-Pedro: 83

“Some friendly compeition”
“Competition confusion?”

Well the month is over and it was fun. I would like to thank all of you for joining in. :smile:
I don’t think I’ll be the person keeping track of octobers so somebody else can start it up.

  [u][b]THE STATS:[/b][/u]

[b] 1. Dreamwalker (31)

  1. Xetrov (21)

  2. TimeLess_Soul (15)

  3. Mystic (9)

  4. Sage, Talyn ( 8 )

  5. jjj, MoonHunter (7)

  6. BadCandleJack, Infection0 (6)

  7. MtMan (4)

  8. DaySong, FreeCube, Ria, TechnoDreamer (3)

  9. BioHazars, Brad, Thomas, Xenesis (2)

  10. Ashvura, CharlotteDreamer, Dezolat0r (1)

  11. Gwoon_Laura, -KoN-KepTz-, Moogle, Nazca (0)[/b]

Also I want to mention that I really don’t want to consider this a competition to see who’s better or what, but to help you LD in a certain kind of way.
There isn’t really a prize for winning.
The only prize is the self satisfaction of what you have achieved which is better than anything really. :smile:

Cool I’m in! None yet though.

I’m in. I have to get back on track this month.

I’m in!

Had one last night, so that gives me a good start!


I’m gonna join in, THIS month is my month for my first LD! YARRR!

I’m in this time.

I’m in this month :grin: Good luck everyone!


It’s great tp have you here. I’ll try to keep the record updated evry 5-6 days.

Well someone’s got to be bottom of the rankings again :happy:

Yah, that’d be me, right? :tongue:

whoa. Everyone re-register now :grrr:
At least the “incident” allowed me to redo my signature!
~Θµτ Γßτ╝/-╔
This is pretty dismal, isn’t it… well not actually our picture thread was saved!!

Er, back to here. I guess we all have to apply again, and some people have to bump up their LD count a bit!

Hey everyone.
It really sucks that the info was lost.

I have some good news and some bad.

Good news though I found a piece of paper where I wrote down how many LDs everyone had. The bad news is that it was two days old. Also I scratched out everones name once I posted the info so if I spell your name wrong I’m sorry. Hey it could be worse right.

Please re-register
Don’t forget to update your profile


I just noticd that I lost tons of posts.

i am on ten :cry:

I’m on 3 :smile:

Also still 3 here. I have a bad feeling about this month… Good old LD times don’t seem to come back… One positive remark however: dream recall is truly excellent :wink:

Just a correction, I’m on 2, not one. Cheers.

Three here.

I’m at 6, this has been my best month of LDing ever!! :cool_laugh: