Competition Rankings For September


5 for me

Hey thanks for posting. Sorry about the count. I’ll update some time soon.

Oh yeah I had 2 more last night.

im on 0 :cool_laugh:

:wiske: I’ll keep you company kon kept. I have still got none but I’m living in hope …the thing is if I wake up and remember I have had a LD I’ll have to do a RC to make sure I’m not dreaming! :tongue:

Another one for me, which makes 6!


Woohoo, mark me down for another! Which makes… two :grin:


Instead of the usual “next time I’m dreaming, I’ll remember to recognize I’m dreaming” I tried the simple mantra “I’m dreaming” last night. I thought someone already suggested this on this forum… As a result I got 2 low LDs, so this makes 5 in total for this month.

5 here. :happy:

well 2 more for me.

ok put me on 11 that one was strange lol

im on, kinda 15.5 (That .5 was one in which i knew i was dreaming for a moment, as all lamps refused to turn on, but i was too bizzy in the dream to go into a real LD… 0_o).

if we are going on half points i should be well over 30 by now i dont think it would be fair to include that

… Still 1 here… :cry:

Well timeless i didnt realy count it anyway :smile: and besides, this is a competition to beat yourself, not others. If you are on 30 now so be it lol. Well im at 16 now, had another quite long one this morning (15 minutes is cool for me) :happy:

lol no no Xetrov i am not here for the comp i am here for the sake of keeping in order my lucids i have remembered soo many more and become so much better nd this way i can keep track of how i go my progress each month. i didnt mean no offence i meant it as a joke. if anything i am gld taht you have exceed me, give me somthing to aim for. bar the fight i have planed for, with dreamwalker yer is still emember


keep it up u lot, or i will come into ur dreams and make sure u do, and dont think i wont casei i can.

Last night was a good night. I had 4 Ld’s. Thats a new record. 3 was my last record. 2 where long, 1 normal, 1 was about a minute. Oh yeah.

Up to 3! W00T W00T!


can I sign up for august dream competition?
yes yes?

Eeep… Are you sure you don’t mean September? :wink: