Competition Rankings For September

Does that really justify an answer…?
No you can’t. You’re at least a month and a half late. August is done and gone.

-- so so sorry. I feel so stupid. I meaned october. ^^But, i’m secure in my intellegence. May I ?

you can join any day, even the last day of the month! You can be in this one, too!

hmm ok one more plz

Do you want to join this months or wait and join next months or both?

Ok, damn 22 geez :content: well i had 2 “normal” ones this morning, so my total is now 18 for september :cool_laugh:

13 now. odd hollow feeling now. strange

One more gives me 6.

Had a looooong one this morning. Up to 4.

One more for me. :smile:

up to 7 - new month’s record for me! :clap:

After two almost sleepless nights I had two short LDs this morning. This brings me up to 7

August: 3
September: 3

This sucks. My dreaming has been really crappy the last few days beacuse I have been sick. I did have one Ld though. So thats one more.

I’ll try and update the info tomorrow because I still don’t feel to good.

I’d also like to say that evryone is doing an excellent job :grin:
Keep it up.

hmm ok another two now

3 in 2 days. A personal best. Bump

Booast me up to 3 LDs, please.

6+1=7 for me! :smile:


That’s some quick math! :happy:

lol! Sign me up because I had one this month… 1+0=1 :content: oh well It could be a while for the next one