Competition Rankings for October

October’03-mystic:11 <
February’04-Pedro: 86
May’04-holy reality:74
June’04-Pedro: 81
July’04-Pedro: 83

“Some friendly compeition”
“Competition confusion?”

Okay, I noticed no one has made one of these yet… right…? :tongue:

If you’d like to partake in the [friendly!] competition, sign up here. Keep me updated on your LDs too, and an updated LD counter in your signature would be great too :grin:

Good luck everyone!!

mystic - 11

Badcandlejack - 10

Minako - 9

Talyn, The Wizard - 8

Tomas - 7

Learjet, Atheist - 6

Dreamfortehwinz, Technodreamer - 5

MtMan - 4

Freecube, daysong, clarkkent, jjj, ypm, brad, sage, Raven24 - 3

charlottedreamer, phungus - 2

Magus176 - 1

Ashvura, moogle, Moonhunter, Xenesis - 0

:wiske: I’ll take part again.

Sign me up! :happy:

i am in! So far its looking kinda good… lds 2 days in a row now

Well, if I can improve my September record of ONE WHOLE LOW-LEVEL LD this month… count me in. :grin:

After two this morning you bet I’m in. I’m aiming for the earth-shattering score of seven this month. Yes, you read that correctly, seven. Curb your envy.

It seems there are more and more people participating each month. I might as well join in, but I’ll be posting my progress here rather than modifying my sig every other night. (Now that’s confidence) :smile:

I’m in. none so far though. Hopefully I will have a few this weekend since I can sleep much more then. Good luck to you all :smile:

One for me already. :grin:

I’m in, starting at a record of 0 LD’s. lol.

Put me in, i’m off to a good start this month, 2 LDs already.

I’m in. I’ve never actually bothered counting them before so this should be fun. One so far.

None for me, but Im in :smile:

I had a short one last night :content: Off to a good start!

None so far this month, but hey, I’ll be in. :content:

Put me in!

already had one LD :smile:


Put me down for a second one.

I love weekends, partiuclarly because I can sleep 12 hours straight without being woken for whatever reason - like work. :smile:

one for me :smile: Already! What a good start to a month

count me in! :cool:

Had another two this morning, which makes four so far. This is an unusually good start to the month for me, so feel free to bask in my aura of unprecedented success.