Competition Rankings For January

January’04-Lucidity_Master:113 <
February’04-Pedro: 86
May’04-holy reality:74
June’04-Pedro: 81
July’04-Pedro: 83

“Some friendly compeition”
“Competition confusion?”

Same as usual. Anyone can join…just post here and put your LDs for January in your signature.


Lucidity_Master 113

Pedro 77

Monitor199a 27

DM7 22

Odd2k 15

Mystic 13

Raven24 12

Space Wrangler 10

Apollo 9
Moonhunter 9

Tomas 8

ILuvSesshomaru - 7
cinedan - 7

jjj 5

clarkent - 3
Ashurva - 3

bigjedman 2
clarkent 2
Bahamut- 2
r3m0t - 2
Emerald Rhapsody- 2

Technodreamer 1
Moogle 1
Stine - 1
xplosive 58 - 1
mrhavlen - 1

The final totals stand as thus!
COngratulations on a great competition folks!!! :tongue: :cool:

One ld for me so far… Was my most vivid LD upto this date :smile:

I am proud to be a leader even if it is for a short time. 2 LD so far. 3 in 4 days actually but one of them was in Dec. That is strange because I haven’t got much success in LDing so far and I am not using any method at the moment.

I’m happy to report I have had 1…it wasn’t very impressive but I managed to hover for a short time.
I have put it under my avatar.

January LDs = 1 :happy:

I guess I’ll enter again. shrugs Well, I actually have an amazing good start with LD’s. I have had 1 LD two nights ago and 6 LD’s from this morning (last night if you want to call it).
So the total for Jan. would be 7 LD’s so far. :smile:
If you’re wondering how I got 6 LD’s this morning. It was from the combination of meditation/trancing technique and WILD’s. Felt like I slept all day, but it lasted only one hour. :wow:

I’m in :neutral:

i’m in also with 0

1 LD so far. Nothing special… It was too short to do anything interesting :neutral:

Take me in again!

I am at 1 LD now :smile:

I had a pretty long LD from wilding this very early morning. :smile: Add me to 8 please.

I see that I’m in the rankings even before this post, but still…I’m in.

In one of the LDs I had I tried to teach a group of people to fly. I told all of them to look at their watches to make them realise they were dreaming, and all of them found it really facinating. In the end some of them got pretty rude though, so I just gave it up and flew away from them.

Yeah, I noticed the LD’s in your sig and put you in the competition.

Up to 5 for January. Looking good so far :cool:

Ok, bump me up to one LD…

My first two LD’s for January and the new year. WILD-induced, too!

I’ve always liked WILD’s because I feel like I have done them on purpose in the waking world, it seems like I had more control over them.

Up to 7 for January. :cool:

Had a couple yesterday morning. The first was quite long with lots of RCs, but like my last long LD, I don’t remember much of it. I think I get so caught up in doing RCs that the dream becomes mostly about that. I did yell out “I love waking up in my dreams!”. Later in the same morning, I was telling my wife and another woman all about how I had just had this long LD, when all of sudden I did another RC and sure enough… in a dream.

So that’s 2 for me so far for Jan.


Count me in for 1 LD for january. Actually this was my first ever LD :smile:

Congratulations, Mr. Bahamut :cool:

Up to 8.

One LD last night, so that makes two for this month so far :smile:

I did the saying-your-name experiment (LaBerge proved that saying your name in a LD doesn’t necessarily wake you up, like others suggested). Indeed nothing happened. But there was something strange though: as long as I didn’t concentrate on the sound of my voice, I could hear myself talking; otherwise I didn’t hear anything… While I was doing this experiment I stood in front of a mirror. What a revelation! I didn’t know I looked like an Orc :tongue: