Competition Rankings For January

Ok I have had world’s shortest lucid dreams in a row. Add 2 for now… which is 10 in total.

Had anotherone this morning.
I ate a chocolate in it, and man, that was probably the best tasting ever.

Please add 3 LD for me from last night. It’s my record but anyway I would prefare that it would have been 1 long instead of 3 short.

so it’s 5 already

please add 1 LD to me :happy:

Pump me to 12 please. :smile:

I have had two looooooong LD’s from WILDing twice. I remember being like, “Mmm, I wonder when this dream is going to end?” Since everything seems so long. Hehehe. It was interesting, but unfortunately, I forgot most of them since I slept much more afterward. Oh well. :smile: It was good nevertheless.

Sign me in too. I have had 3 LDs so far in January.

By the way: Happy new year everybody!

Raven24: Jan: 3 LDs

One more tonight, which means i have a total of 4 ld’s so far

Up to 10 :cool:

I got one more!

Raven24: Jan LDs: 4

Ok, I had this one very short LD a couple of nights ago, it lasted one second or less. I wasn’t sure wether I should add it to my score or not, but an LD is an LD, i guess.

Then I had at least four LDs this afternoon, all from WILD I think. It might have been more than four LDs, but I don’t want to cheat unintentionally, so I’ll just make that four LDs.

So, put me up to 6 LDs!

just had a question, what happened to dreamwalker?

bump me up one more LD :content:

Ok I have had other 2 LD’s last night. :smile: So now it’s total of 14 LD’s.

12 LD’s

3 LDs here. Also had a nice creepy SP last night :smile:

5 LDs for me total!!


one more, up to 7 LDs for this month.

3 short LDs last night. That makes 6 in total.

Up to 14 :cool: