Competition Rankings For January

6 LD for me.

I have 14 in total this month.

Had another one a few nights ago… So a total of 5 so far :smile:

2 so far for me

One more for me

up to 8 LDs…

One more for me.

The funny thing is: On the main page of there are these hints, like “Try to fly like an eagle or swim like a dolphin”. Last night i did both in one LD :smile:

Jan LDs Raven24: 6


I have 17 in total this month.

Well, one short one. Was talking to Mandy Moore and looked deep in her eyes. Her left eye (I), was an odd color of red. That made me lucid. But I still couldn’t get her to follow me. I remembered to rub my hands for the first time, so that was good. But my recall is not as good as it should be right now and I dont’ remember the next couple minutes before I finally woke myself up somehow.

Anyway… 1 more for me, total of 3.

another one :content:

total = 9 LDs

A short lucid nightmare last night. So 7 in total for this month :smile:

Up to 16 now

8 here

I have 21 now in total.

18 LD’s

I can get in with only one lucid dream? Well, put me up on 1!

Two more which makes 10 in total.

Finally got a lot of sleep (hard week), and two more LDs this morning

I now have 24 in total.