Competition Rankings for February

3 EXCELLENT dreams last night! Being drunk always seems to help me!

17 now.

Put me in with 1, quite a good one actually :grin:

Ive been in the hospital for the past week, but don’t worry i put the time to good use :grin: . 6 LDs


Weeee… put me down for three more.

Yes! Had my first LD in February, on Wednesday morning. :slight_smile: (This is big for me. Really.)

Congrats Lucidity Master and Pedro - you guys are amazing. :o

pedro very nice consider your self lucky most ppl get rem depression from booze then we have rem rebound which causes all sorts of queer dreams.

Can i ask how u went from 17 ld to 77? it is one hell of a jump and somthing to be pleased with at that. was it the spirt of the comp :happy:

hmm still considering to join this month or not… hmmm

good luck ppl :happy:

Pop me up to 2 LDs :grin: This one was amazing! I’ve started on my dream control :smile:

Another one for me :happy:

Raven24’s february LD count: 3

3 LDs here.

Finally had my first LD for February this morning.
I woke up right away, but managed to go quickly back to sleep and continue the dream and still be lucid.

I’ve had more LD’s this month already than the whole of November! Improved quite a bit!

Well thanks to the RC of “not dying in a nuclear bomb blast” I have had one more LD.

ahhh i will join am not gonna go full out this month but i have had 8 so far

1 for this month!


One more for me… I actually was in/out of lucidity all night, had like 10 mini lds… Only one was long and satisfying enough to be counted…

I almost had an LD. I was sitting on the couch and the tv bounced around the room, and I told my mom I was hallucinating because I was falling asleep. I’M SUCH AN IDIOT!

So, no, actually still just 1 LD for February. But I’m happy to see my dream stupidity is still as high as ever. :roll:

One more from over here

4 LD’s now.

3 more that makes 11. i will put it in my sig :happy: