Competition Rankings for February

LOL! That is a very good RC haha. If I didn’t become lucid with that I would slap myself when I woke!

27 this month. This is my most consistent run so far. I’m having the exact same amount of LD’s everynight more or less. Last month it varied a lot.


been there done that and a damn nuke beeing droped s a big enough lucid hit for me but omg the first time i saw it i am like " oh a nuke hit the north side of canberra, oh well i am sure that it wont reach us"

like wtf i am such a idiot lol

nice work pedro impressive, let me see if i can try and catch up :razz: although i havent hit higher then 30 yet sooooooo


I’d like to join, 1 for Feb so far.


I’m at 3 now, thanks a bunch.

Another one for me!
… i hope these LD’s won’t abandon me when I go back to school…

2 more for me whats that 13 i think thanx


Da big three zero!

(thats 30 btw)

4 here


another 2 15 now

bump me up one please… :smile:
I actually had 3 ones, but only one was worth counting, as memory of the other ones are weak and they where very short.

I had my first LD for February !

Wasn’t very interesting, but it wasn’t too short either.

i’ve had 4 in the past two days, so that bumps me up to 5 total :smile:

One more at last

Raven24 feb LD count: 4

12 LD’s.


5 :smile:

double post…