Competition Rankings for February


I’ve had two more now, bringing the total to 3 for feb.


Yes! Yes! :happy: Two LD’s last night/this morning!

So cool! This finally proves I can have LD’s without beginners luck because it’s the second time WBTB/MILD worked for me. ^____^ happy

I’m at the big… 4

Lucky 13

6 now

I’ve just had three more, and one of them was a damn cool food eating LD. This brings me to twelve.

Raven24 February LD count: 5

Had another one, brief, this night. So I’m up to 2 for Feb now…

Had one more, that brings me up to four for february.


only 1 so far in February

I’m jealous of you guys…only 1 LD (Feb 1) for me (the only one I’ve ever had…) :sad:

another 2 18 now

Haven’t been here for a while just been busy anyway

  • 19 for me.

Had two more this weekend, but they were short, and I didn’t get to do anything. February seems to be a bad LD month for me :neutral:

Two more, adding up to a total of 14

I have had 1 LD this month.
I was the prisoner of war and realised I was dreaming, what an adventure that led on to. :wink:



20 now

51 now.