Competition Rankings for March

February’04-Pedro: 86
March’04-penguinDreams:23 <
May’04-holy reality:74
June’04-Pedro: 81
July’04-Pedro: 83

“Some friendly compeition”
“Competition confusion?”

Same as usual… Please put the amount of LDs in your signature.

Good luck to all! :happy:


penguinDreams - 23

Monitor199a - 21

toadstool - 11

BrainHacker - 10

odd2k - 9

Tomas - 8
mystic - 8

Siiw - 7
pav - 7

r3m0t - 6

Ashvura - 5
JaRoD - 5
clarkkent - 5
stranger - 5
sme_bro - 5

james - 2
jjj - 2

charlottedreamer - 1

moogle - 0
ClintB24 - 0

Congratulations to all!! Especially the winner for this month, penguinDreams :ok: :beer:

I’ll join with 1 LD so far.

1 LD through WILD last night! Wooo! :happy:

I’ll join again. I’ll put my zero LDs for the month in my sig later tonight. :sad:

one here aswell.



I don’t suppose I’ll be much of a threat of winning since I’ve only had 1 LD in the past two years or so. :cry:

I’ll join!

I’ll join again this month, starting with a nice and useful four LD’s last night to add to the two I’ve already had.

One so far.


I hate you all… :wink:

got my last one using Pedro’s VILD and WBTB

hey im always up for a challenge, count me in…none so far this month-and bit of a dry spell so far this year but hopefully my compeditive spirit will lull my sub into helping out a bit.
works in theory-
peace out

One more last night. A nice battle in a library. Lots of shelves to throw around.

My first one for March, this night. WILD induced.

This morning I had a good WILD… so thats the second for march.

yes!!! Dry spell is OVER! After 2 uneventful months I just had my first LD of March!

Hehe congratulations! :happy:

I’m going to join the party here. Until now 3 LD’s this month, all of them this weekend using WBTB :content: A lot better than the stunning amount of 0 LD’s in February :neutral: