Competition Rankings for March

2 now.

Same as always here… :sad:

im in for this month-recalled an ld last night after listening to the lucid curse last night. Cant recall much but it was definatly lucid.
first in 18 days, been waiting for the dry spell to finish, ill be listening again tonight to see if it can work again but this time if i get lucid i will use the remember chant to help.
peace out

Two more to add.

1 last night and 2 the night before… so 4 total now :smile:

2 LD’s already!!


one of them only lasted for say, 2 seconds! but i knew i was dreaming im sure :stuck_out_tongue:


Score! 2 LDs last night! :happy: Not quite that long, either of them. but lucid nonetheless :slight_smile:

3 LD’s now.

yes had another last night-second night in a row… was at home and became lucid using the hold nose reality check, glad it was a dream cause i was in trouble at the time. had lotsa fun-brought statues to life and moved a cow around with my mind-again listened to the lucid dreaming curse before i went to sleep so hopefully this lucid dream a night will continue.

Had another one this night, Dream induced. Brings me up to 2 for March 2004.

Another (MI)LD, 4 now!

had a low-level one this night… :neutral:

edit: And I had an SP-induced one this afternoon. So that’s two more for a total of 4.

three more last night

One tonight and one the night before… I actually think i had like 3 tonight, but my memory is very vague, so i would only count the one i remember fully…

Two more

One more.

Updating after a week away. I’m at 8.

another last night!! thats 3 this week-hope i can keep it up

6 now

Update: 5 LD’s now.