Competition Rankings for March

2 more, to a total of 6 LDs this month.

6 now :content:

i had two lds last week… one was an obe where i was crucified on my bedroom wall, then became an ld :bored:

the other was in the first rem cycle last night so i almost forgot!

Finally one more for me. About as long as it takes to say “I’m dreaming”

2 LD’s now

Another short one. Might have been 2, but I’m not sure so won’t count that one. So 3 in total for me.

had a early rem cycle LD, and I almost forgot… its wierd, i’m starting to get them in early rem cycles too! But thats one more.

I listened to LD curse file from warp my mind.

yay! two more this mourning.

2 short ones. This month short seems to be the common theme for me :cry: . But atleas I get some.

Another one this night at the beginning of a REM phase - I saw a girl in my room so it was a girl induced LD… Funny. It was quite long.

had another one, that makes 7 LDs so far this month.

The same here: one more LD = 7 LD’s :smile:

one more :smile:

another one.

I’ve been in a slump both physically and mentally for the past two weeks so I didn’t do anything about LDing at all - and suddenly 2 LDs in 2 nights! (But my reality checks are beginning to fail, help!)

Anyway, two more for me! :happy:

14 for the month.

5, so far this year. All of them were DILDs using the glowing circle RC.

1 more for me…


Had another LD this night, though a very brief one.

I’ve been lucid almost every night this month, but it as been a different kind of lucid. I just know that I am in a dream, and I can tell that I am influencing the dream, but it is different than my usual LD. It is much more subcouncious. I’m not going to count these, because they happen all nigh every night and that would be a total of like 80 for march, but I am just going to continue hoping that they transform into solid LDs.