Competition Rankings for December




February’04-Pedro: 86
May’04-holy reality:74
June’04-Pedro: 81
July’04-Pedro: 83
August’04-Monitor199a: 32
September’04-penguinDreams: 26
October’04-emjay: 32
November’04-Pedro: 34
“Some friendly compeition”
“Competition confusion?”

Last month of the year, so lets finish the year with a huge amount of LDs :happy:

So start posting your LD’s. And please put the total amount of LD’s in your signature to make it easyer to count the total amount of LDs.

Good Luck and remember to have a real life too and don’t just dream :cool:
And remember: Every time you wake up during the night, try MILD and/or WILD :cool:

Freecube - 115
R3TRO - 85
Lucidity_Master - 53
Monitor199a - 35

holy reality - 22
Xetrov - 19
stranger - 18
JaRoD - 16
Dark Sider - 14

PuddingBunny - 7
Siiw - 6.5
Ahmad - 6
emjay - 6
Cyrus - 5

Tomas - 4
mystic - 4
whispa - 3.5

Basilus West - 2.5
Sureal - 2
WhiteWolf - 2
FFlare - 2

C_mon - 1
evil_kenshin - 1
Johan - 1
proka_ro - 1
philthemn - 1

Raven24 - 0
ujytre - 0

Total LDs for everyone in the competition: 429.5

The previous best month was January with 355 LDs, atleast I think so. So we have that to beat this month :grin: So keep LDing people and we will :cool:

Congrats to Freecube with 115 LDs :partying_face: :beer: :cheer: :cheer:
And I was hoping to beat the old record, not to beat it up,kill it a bury it :tongue:

Okay here we go. 1 LD so far…

1 LD as far as i can renember so far (i can’t remember my earlier dreams only the last 2-3 usually)

Start me off with a big fat zero so far :grin:.

7 ld’s

:eek: :eek: :eek:

7 LDs in 2 days, that would make over 100 LDs this month if you kept it up :eek:

Ill try to keep up my steady flow of lucids. 1 sofar this month :happy:


wow, 7 in 2 days? congrats monitor

im on 1 LD so far,

I had 1 DILD today morning :grin:

2 more for me,

now up to 3

OK I’m in again… none so far… but this month i wanna have at least a couple…

Raven 24: ------> 000

I’ll join again. Last two months were really bad, so hopefully this competition will boost my LD rate again :smile:

1 so far.

1 more, again without doing anything (i just become randomly lucid it seems lol). so thats 2 :smile:

2 last night = 2 this month

none so far :sad:

3 last night takes me to 6 this month…


I had one about two nights ago.

Maybe a fair amount of competition will help me build up motivation… Count me in! Unfortunately 0 LDs so far :cry:

6 for me so far, managed to turn a crazy FA into a LD :tongue: