Competition Rankings for December

This competition really helps :happy: Another one (low-lucid though).

What a night!! i had loads of dreams last night, and nearly every one of them had some level of lucidity at one point. But i only had 2 that was long and high level enough for me to count them as lucid dreams.

so 2 lds for me…

total this month = 5

9 ld’s

1 more last night for me. Thats 2.

2 LDs.

11 ld’s

1 fully lucid dream this morning,…

so 7 overall

3 more to report, makes 5.

Finally managed to get my clock WILD tech to work again :cool_laugh: so 2 this morning :grin:

This one lasted only for a very short time.

I was trying to WILD all night, but I feel asleep each time and I had many short low-level LDs,… I don’t think they’re worth to be counted here…
I hope this is not a slow month too…

I had 2 shortish lucid dreams but they where part of the same dream. I accidentally closed my eyes during the first and woke up :razz: But I will put it down as 1 LD

I have 17 so far this month

3 for me. I havent been able to do much the best few days. But tonight Im having another. I will bet you money.

Zero, i don’t really want to talk about it

1 today, and it’s my 40th since I started :cool: :clap: hurray for me!
total for december = 3.

I had a nice, long one! (And I beat you in the race , Dark Sider :tongue:) You will get there the next time!


I had one mild/dild today morning. So this makes 2 this month.