Competition Rankings for December

2 last night,

total of 9 this month

3 LDs.

Just a very little one in December ! That’s awful ! :crying:


2 more :cool_laugh:

1.5 I’m sure I will do better than November

another 1 = 3 Lds

  1. Going to have a 5th within 12-13 hours, although I may not post it for another 24 :wink:

Finals :neutral:

another LD makes 4 for me.

I had only one in December, I shouldn’t even bother eh … But it was awsome :smile: I practicly painted with nothing but my imagination on the sky

+9, weekends are always good

12 ld’s

just 1 more, makes 6 (but it was a really cool one:))

  1. :cool:

One more, but the alarm clock woke me up in the middle of it :cry:

Last night was fruitful, 2 more, puts me @ 8 :happy:

total : 7

this is a bad month for me lol
must be all the stress of school and shopping :smile:


13 ld’s

I forgot about 1 from a few days ago and I’ve had another one since then :grin: So 3.5 altogether