Competition Rankings for December

Please bump me up to 2 - had a long LD this night.

Bump me up by one to two LDs… :neutral:

This sounds like fun, hopefully it will help me break through my dry spell :cool:

Testing signature…

bump me up to 2 LDs in December.

I sum it up: 2 LDs in december for me :smile:


Other 2 LDs for me 2 nights ago… unfortunately I don’t remember them. :sad: I remembered them then I forgot about them because I was too busy trying to get my internet back up… it was down for 3 days. Yucky!

So… Total LDs: 3 :tongue:

Had anotherone this night, although i remember only parts of it. Might have been induced by an unplanned WILD, as I was having trouble sleeping the whole night and felt that I was laying half awake during most of the night.

I remember laying in my bed when i started to feel very strange, almost like electricity were going through my body. I thought “hey, this may be some WILD stuff going on, so don’t move at all”. Then I went out of bed and breathed through my closed nose to confirm I was asleep.

Later in the dream I flew very high above the ground, and then smashed right into it. :smile: I also remember that I asked a DC if she wanted to tell me something about myself. She did, but sadly I forgot what it was. :sad:

I had 5 short LD’s that I induced in meditation.

So… total LD’s now are 8. :wink:

One more for me :happy:

Dec LDs: 3


i join this time also… 2 lds so far for me

Two short LD’s this night for me, my total is now 4 for December.

Other one for me! I dreamt that I was riding the little red bicycle in the sky! It was so cool! I felt like a kid again! :lmao:

Total: 09

DM7 I thought you said you weren’t making an effort for LDs this month and then you have 9 in the first 11 days. I think I will have to tell myself that I don’t want any LDs and then I might get another one! :tongue:

I’ll update the rankings again tonight.

Lol, it’s true. I just let it come naturally. :wink: My dry spell finally is vanishing! Yay! :smile: I think by joining here has helped a bit too. :biggrin:

Added “help” smiley in signature

Two more LDs for me!! Second 2 LD - night ever :happy:

This competition works wonders for me :smile:

Total December: 5 LDs


encourages DC’s to help with the competition

“I’m the boss…need the info…throw me a frickin’ bone here”

They threw me a frickin’ bone! :happy:

Another 3 LD’s for December makes 6. :cool:

So did your DCs help you :tongue:
I’ll update the rankings tomorrow :wiske:

They helped, I had a dream where a teacher of mine who always wears suits was wearing all denim clothing, like he’s Jay Leno or something… That started my suspicions. :cool:

I had a ld a few nights back. Now I’m up to 1 ld for December.