Competition Rankings for December

I guess I’ll join this month :smile:
I had two the other night…

removes help smiley in signature

Phew, I’ve started getting LDs again, bump me up by one.

I had 3 more this morning.
I can now walk through walls :smile:. I also got a chance to look at the sky again, but it was still completely boring :sad: .
But anyway, 3 in one morning is a new record, and i walked through several walls, so I’m happy :grin:

Yep, wall-walking is more useful than I originally thought it would be. It’s also cool. :cool: And I never have to use doorknobs!

looks like im screwed

another one last night :smile: However it was too short to do anything interesting in it, woke up after around 5mins

I had 2 last night. This brings my total up to 3 for the month.

I think I might need it, if it worked for you. :wiske:

I’ll update now.

Had a brief moment of lucidity the other night. I was sitting on top of a cupboard when I realized it, so when I thought about spining to maintain, I couldn’t and woke up.

But I guess this counts for one more.

I haven’t walked through any walls yet, but I did step out in front of a car once to have it pass through me.

Hmm, I just had the longest LD of my life… That makes 4 LDs this month.

I am not really into LDing as a competition (but the rankings are kinda fun). I suspect that it might be providing some sort of subconscious motivation.

I had 2 very good and longer lasting LDs this morning. I’ll describe them in the diary area.

I did smoke salvia the last 2 nights for the first time in 8 months. I also popped about 6 or 7 of the 3mg meletonin pills before bed at 2:30am. These dreams happened about 9-10 and 10-11 time frame respectively.

Happy dreaming.

I got a little bonus luck from the magic thread in the lounge. Another LD for me. :happy:

Ok, I got other lucid dream. :content: It was funny… because I was trying to tell other girl about that she is dreaming because I felt that it was a shared dream somehow, but the military was trying to stop me from telling. I ended up telling her, “LUCID DREAM!!!” She was puzzled. The scene changed quickly and I read the letter, it was something about…

“You know I know you! You are Lizzy Tracer! Your parents are actually Mr. and Mrs. Tracer! You are the person who is about to destory the world with lucid dreaming. We cannot let you do that. You’re now under our control. If you try to do it again, then all of your real family is to be destoryed.”

Ah, I’ll post the details in my dream journal. :content:

So now… Total Dec. LD’s: 10

hey, i had 2 lds lastnight and 1 8 days ago, but ive been too busy to post. That puts me at 3.

still 1- perhaps cheating is the only way.

Only way to do what? Win this silly competition? :smile:

The purpose of the competition is to help each of the participating memebers better their own abilities by providing them with incentive to put as much effort in as they can. Cheating doesn’t accomplish anything here, because nobody else cares how good you are at LDing - it’s for your own personal development only. :wink:

If you’re having trouble, post a brief description of the methods that you’re trying to use in another more appropriate thread, and we’ll do what we can to help you.

I hate to see someone missing out. :smile:

lol Atheist, it would be the most retarded thing ever to cheat here. If you did not know, I wrote: DEC LDs=2356298376098! or something, only to point out how EASY it would be…


I didn’t happen to see that. Good thing you decided to play fair again. :smile:

Ok, I have had two short LD’s from WILD’ing. I have to admit that they were weird, but yeah they were LD’s so…

Total: 12 now.

By the way if you’re wondering, they are posted in my dream diary. :smile:

But he didn’t get placed in the rankings until he put in his real LD total. :tongue: