Competition Rankings for September


February’04-Pedro: 86
May’04-holy reality:74
June’04-Pedro: 81
July’04-Pedro: 83
August’04-Monitor199a: 32
September’04-penguinDreams: 26
October’04-emjay: 32
November’04-Pedro: 34
December’04-Freecube: 115

January’05-JaRoD: 18
February’05-Freecube: 48
March’05-Dark Sider: 15
April’05-R3TRO: 134
May’05-Freecube: 137
June’05-Pedro: 95
July’'05-Xetrov: 14
August’'05-Pedro: 19

“Some friendly competition”
“Competition confusion?”

So start posting your LD’s. And please put the total amount of LD’s in your signature to make it easyer to count the total amount of LDs.

If you don’t get any LDs, listening to white noise or any other noise while falling asleep might keep you awake enough to either WILD or get a DILD :grin:

WhiteWolf - 14
Cyrus - 10

Julian D. Iron - 8
Siiw - 7
Kashmir - 7

mystic - 6
Wolf - 5
JaRoD - 5
Basilus West - 5
Lucidity_Master - 5

Manko - 4
Lanina - 3
jimmy - 3
BenDrummin58 - 2
Magnus - 2
Sureal - 2
stranger - 2

Josh Redstone - 1

And the winner is WhiteWolf :cool: Congrats :thumbs:
/me give WhiteWolf a lucid afro whig :cool:


I have had one :cool:

1 for me! :cool_laugh:

I had another one :tongue:

I’ll start with 1 :content:

+5…I gonna try to push 200 this months. We’ll see what happens.

I had another one today morning after i had FLD.

2 in September then.

Another for me as well. :grin:

I had one! Or rather, a string of FA’s

I had one!!

hey… i might start joining in these comps. again

I’ve had 1 AP and 2 semi-lucids (not fully lucid).

So ide say give me a score of 2.

Sorry for coming in so late… :shy:

I had 2 and then 2, which maaaakes… right 4. :grin:

I join in! I’ve had 1, thanks to Dark Matter’s lucid cookie! :cool_laugh:
Ummm… lucid cookies… :cookiemon:

I had pretty long OBE today morning. What makes 3 LDs so far.

Wow can you get that many?

Put it this way, with practise and more understanding, you can be getting lucid dreams every night.

1 more. :grin:

I had 1 full LD, 1 long dream (probably in two parts) with lucid moments, and 1 that was probably FLD. So i will add 2 more LDs to my account.

Makes 5 now :content:

PS! What means that i have had 100 LD-s since i started to practice it conciously (end of May 2004) :wink:

Had one this morning. I can vividly rememeber getting lucid and being happy about it :cool_laugh: then nothing… :cry:

Add me in with one so far :smile:.