Competition Rankings for September

3 all together lol , ill gues ill update my sig i nee to create one ne hows lol

At last, one LD! :smile:

I had one this morning! That means three this month. :cool:

Another one for me… :smile:

I’ve had a short one. :smile:

Count me in with 5 LDs.

1 more!

Yet another for the Wolfinator! :cool_laugh:

One more this month :grin: that means total LDS this month is 0+1=1

Finally i had my 6th LD this month. I got a additional job recently and it put some change to my life schedule + bit nervous sleeps during first nights. Good that i didn’t lost my LD abilities with my 100th LD what i had a week ago :content:

Another one, that was followed by two lucid moments, that i was unfortunately unable to continue, because they ended shortly.

It makes 7 in September then. I will post last 2 in my DD later.

1 + 2 = 3

Is it too late to join? I’ve had four so far this month.

I had a long ld this morning! :cool: that makes it 5 for september

I haven’t been lding too much, but still had three in September.
Now to update my diary with these short lds.
Two of them were after consuming (not excessive) alcohol.
Third was induced with one chat I had before going to sleep.
It was finger check, One was like hook.

Make that five–one last night.

I had another one in a nap today! :eek:

Had one this morning, that makes it 3 this month.


2 stupid LD’s more for me. 3+2=5