Competition Rankings for September

Add one more for me. It makes 8 then :smile:

Had another OBE today morning. I will post it into DD after work.

9 LDs in September then :content:

Nice going Cyrus :thumbs:

Thanks, but i bet that soon someone steps in and gives much higher result :tongue: :peek:

YAY! I had my first WILD in months this morning :cool_laugh:

One more, making two this month :smile:.

This is the first time ive been able to get to a computer this month I have had 11 so far. I am currently living with my grandma and wow ive been sleeping better then ever.

LDs: 11 for september

edit: as soon as I move into my new house I will post my LDs into my DJ here, I have been doing MILD, WBTB, and even one incubated kinda drifting in and out of a WBTB, also got one via autosuggestion thats what motivated me for the rest of them.

<—pointing at WhiteWolf’s record…

what did i said? :content:

Anyway, i will appreciate if i get at least one more in September in next week. It will be my record. I’m doing overhours(?) at work atm, so not much dreams atm :neutral:

One more LD tonight 1+1=2 this month :cool_laugh:

I had my 10th LD in September this morning. Finally i was able to beat my record now - 10 LDs in one month! :smile: :cheer:

I’ll post my dream in DD later tonight.

2 more… :grin:

just to report two lucid candidates
not confirmed yet.
(not that I don’t remember but don’t remember all)

Another for me please. :grin:

I’m up to seven for this month.

+1 = 2!!!

It actually happened like last week…just never spoke up. YAY FOR BEN!

3 last night im on my dads laptop now :cool_laugh:

I actually had a pretty vivid one last night I was like really conscious its in my written DJ ill definatly copy it over to PC though! and the other two were inbetween snooze on the alarm button but in the LD they felt more like 30 minutes. shrugs aint complaining

I had one this morning!

6 LDs for this month :smile: