LD Competition Final Results For July

I moved so have been off for a while. Im am at 5 now!

July Ld’s= 5

Yo, Another LD last night! I’m on a role here. July LD’s = 6.

Careful, I might kill you out of extreme jealousy. :neutral:

May as well sign me up. Who knows, it might give my subconcious the incentive it needs.

Wow last night was amazing. I had a short LD where I didnt do much but then woke up, went to the bathroom, and things were missing :cool_laugh: I then realised this was a FA, so I proceeded to have the clearest, longest, most fun LD of my LD history. So thats 2 more, miestro.

July LD’s = 8 :happy: :happy:

This thread beginns to depress me :bored:

10 lucid dreams in 16 days…unbelievable :eek:

11 here, but i need more lol i want to get back on my average :smile:



oh you are all very sad for trying to compeate against each other :content:


Maybe, but some people perform best if they are competing.

2 already.Incredible scores for me(and maybe some other people :wink: )I’m out of the finals,but I’ll try to catch up in August.

Short LD last night, first time I used verbal commands :smile:

July LD’s = 9

Watch out mystic, I’ll beat you one day :happy:

You can always try ofcourse. But if that would make a difference… (j/k) :grin: Nice going m2k961! You must had a true LD explosion during the last days. But there’s still almost two weeks to go. I hope my good rate doesn’t decrease now!

I’m now up to 3 :content:

You forgot to updat me last time. Im at 6 now!

July LD’s = 6

Im on a role! Two more LD’s
July LDS= 8

Three LDs last night (I practiced WBTB two times), but they were too short and not so interesting:

  1. I walk around, fly into the night and seek for the Highest, but I only get darkness (about 2 minutes)
  2. Ultrashort LD in which I only notice the sunny environment before I wake up (5 seconds)
  3. Very low LD in which I jump over trains and busses. It was nice though to see the wonder and disbelief in the eyes of DCs walking there. (1 minute)


Admit your true identity, Stephen LaBerge! :wink:

Darn… he knows… :wink:

Most LDs aren’t that great though (luckily there are some exceptions :smile: ). Half of them are merely lucid moments, but they are still LDs. Still much much work to do… especially if I want to become like dreamwalker, with his 26 LDs last month :eek:

going pretty good here also lately… lds every night for 3-4 nights in a row :smile:

Could have been longer though.

Had a fun LD last night

July LD’s = 10

Mwahahahahha! Lucid Dreams 3 nights in a row! A New record for me!
July LD’s =9

I vow to exclude lucid moments from this competition. :grin:

Mystic, you said most of your dreams were moments that puts me #1!! Haha eat my dust :happy: . Heh. On the other hand, ALL of my LD’s were pretty long.

Yes, Im bored. :smile: