LD Competition Final Results For July

No, I said “half of them” are only moments, not “most of them” :wink: . But that was at first guess. To be correct: 5 of these LDs didn’t last longer than 10sec, so they can be considered as lucid moments. Although they are pretty short, they are nevertheless LDs, because a LD is a dream in which you know you’re dreaming. And that’s what happened during these moments.
But if no one else includes their lucid moments, I’ll keep it fair and won’t include mine either :smile: That would bring me back to 10 “real” LDs this month.

damnit, still only on two! looks like im gonna go to bed early and skip school tomorrow :smile:

Does anyone remember who originally started this?

Sage started it. It was in, some friendly competition post.

Yeah, it was sage. He hasn’t been around this month, I assume he’s gone to a better place.

noo, that was so close! i became aware of that i could do anything but i didnt became aware of that it was a dream, how stupid am i!!!?:slight_smile:

2 nice LDs last night. The first LD was a really strange one. I’ve posted it in another topic. The other one was all about flying in the air on a hot summer day.

i havent’ been trying much lately because i’ve been going to bed really late…but i had one last night. woo.

Up me to 2 please :content:

Sage is still around. Unfortunately, school and work and countless other petty things have kept him occupied and not getting enough sleep. No LDs this month either. :sad: But hopefully things will start settling down now.

15 now :smile: school is slowing me down :sad:


Sigh…Still nothing


How do you guys do it?

So… do you want to be included in the rankings or not? :neutral:

I’ve had 2 LDs so far for July.

sure why not. i was only teasing anyway. :cool:


Instead of LDs I’m having lots of prelucid dreams lately, while the clues are so obvious. It’s so frustrating!
But still 2 days to go :tongue:

Err haha I’ve been thinking its August for 2 days, but now I realize that its the last day of July :content:

I had an LD last night. July LD’s = 11

5 LD EVERY NIGHT OF JULY EACH 50 min long!!!

(i win). :grin:

Wow you must be really talentented Xplo :happy:

Looks like we all lost…DARN! :grin:

Final score: 4