November competition rankings, is winner dreamwalker

Sign me up! One LD so far…

woha! had atleast 3lds tonight :grin: One lasted atleast 30mins also :smile:

Seems like a day lack of sleep payed off

Just click on the top of the page where it says ‘profile’ and set your signature there.

Good luck to you too!

The results for the people who improved the most. Please note that you could have a lousy number of LDs and still improve lots. This is because I worked out how much more (as %) a person had improved on adverage over a period of months, sinse your first competition. This means people with more LDs have to work harder to keep there score up.

(1) Talyn = 300%

(2) Brad, Freecube = 200%

(3) CharlotteDreamer =100%

(4) Xetrov = 90%

(5) Technodreamer, Badcandlejack = 67%

Ofcourse, as the top five get more LDs they will have to work harder. As you start to reach a high number of LDs your improvment should slow and hopefully stay level. Any “-” improvments means a loss of LDs, either indicating your bad, or that you are near a high level of LDs and are struggling to maintain it.

up another one. that actally makes 3 now not for. u updated me when i didnt mean count it cause i dont remember the dream just the feeling :happy:


I’ll join. So far I have 0! Oh well, judgeing from last month, I have a LD every 3 or 4 nights, so I’m due for one tonight!

I’ll join. So far I have 0! Oh well, judgeing from last month, I have a LD every 3 or 4 nights, so I’m due for one tonight!

…I poasted that twice. I figured out how to edit it, but how can I delite it?

One for me so far.

Throw me down for another one.

I had one this morning. :smile:

One more for me.

Okay TimeLess lets do it but first I have to tell you something. I am your Fathers, Brothers, Nephews, Cousins former roommate.

LOL! :rofl: I love that movie :tongue:

I’ll join this month too. I already had one this month, and although it only lasted a few sec, it still beats my count for October. Hopefully I will have a lot more this month.

I’d like to join for this month as well, although given my poor October performance (3 ld’s) I hope it’s worth it.



i want join the improvement calculation too. :smile:

Weee… just had another LD. It was the oddest reality check. I found myself playing ‘minesweeper’ but the numbers didn’t match up to any logical conclusion, so I realised it must be a dream.

Long dream… then I was running from a mob of angry people in Venezuela. I suddenly realized I was dreaming, looked back, and the angry mob was all women! I stopped and let them catch up, but rather than being angry, they just wanted to make out. Needless to say, I woke up in a great mood. :happy:

Anyways, that’s 2. :smile:

This is to remind me where I got up to. I will update any further posts under this later.

Had two seperate ld’s last night. Bump me up.