November competition rankings, is winner dreamwalker

i’m in. gonna have lot’s of lds this month so watch out! :wink:

i’ve got an idea for this competition (surely not an unique idea but anyway). If everyone write down how they induced their lucid dream when they add a dream to the record we could have a ld method competition too. So by the end of the month we could see what method that overall worked the best.

In case you like the idea i add my method for my only lucid so far in november:

erm what do you call it when you did not use any method, DILD?
i just realized that i maybe was dreaming and made a RC.

Well DILD is where you look at your dream surroundings and relizes it is a dream (I think). So I invented a term called SPILD, (Sponaneus initiated Lucid Dreaming). This is where you just find you know your dreaming, due to whatever reason. For example, your sub-conscious tells you.

Would you say that SPILD is where you just out of nowhere know that you are dreaming. IF so I have been doing that for a long time. Very good method.

I had another one this night. The bothering part though is that it was followed by a FA, and I was too busy concentrating on writing it all down so I forgot to do the RC I usually make when I wake up. I really hate that I used a long time to write it all down, just to wake up once more to do it all over again…

Oh, and I guess this would be a SPILD. I suddenly just knew I was dreaming for no reason at all.

Well last night was a great night. I had 6 LDs. The first ones were low level and kinda fuzzy environment in the distance. Some where so low that it made me have a FA in which it became more clear.
6 is my new record the most Lds in one night. I think my old one was 3-4. Most of them I used SPILD.
Never under estimate the power of the Schwartz.

techno… does your program work well? i am a huge php, mysql and unix nerd (as you might gather from my all lowercase type). I could write you a script that collected the info in a db etc.

It looks like you have it under control, but if you are interested give me a PM.

A very brief one last night… I think it may have actually been a WILD…

I made a mistake, SPILD is Sleep Paralysis induced Lucid dreaming created by somebody else. Miy one is STILD Spontaneuos iduced lucid dreaming. But I think I might nick SPILD? What do you think?

isnt SPILD just another name for WILD anyways? You often go through the sleep paralysis stage when you attempt WILD…

Yes but it is a specific way to achieve WILD. You become aware of SP and then goto an LD, not staying aware until LD>

Shouldn’t it be called SILD because spontaneous is one word?

hmm ok 4 now it was a matrix dream cause i saw matrix 3 and omg i loved it lol goo see it you must

I had my first November LD this night. I tried to WILD but ended up in a dream, later on I realised I was dreaming and became lucid.

Had another one this night. Just realised I was dreaming for no reason at all.

had a short ld again… i did not acchive much as the doorbell rang shortly after :cry:

SILD is already taken up, Sex Induced Lucid Dream. I still want SPILD, I think I might just put Sleep paralysis down as SLILD, Sleep paralysis, and use SPILD for my Sponaneous indcued lucid dreaming, where you just find yourself in a dream.

Well, I just doubled my thismonthly LD count with three LD’s last night.

At first I found myself in my old school physics class with one of my reacurring DC’s, which is usualy a pretty good indication that I am dreaming. It’s been a while since I last spoke to any of my reaccuring DC’s, so I had a nice long chat with her and showed her how to walk through walls.
Later, after doing my WBTB I decided I hadn’t had a fight with anyone in a dream for a while and went on a fighting spree, and curiously I found my match with the author of some “good wine” book.
In the last one, I was experimenting with planes and trying to find a consitent method of flying.

So, all in all, a good fun night of sleep.

Put me down for 2 more.

lol damn it what the hell is wrong with me grrrr oh well you will see me back to my real colors soon just you wait :cool:

Had one more this morning. Didn’t last very long though.

Oh, and it was induced by RC. I was in a very bad situation and thought: “this damn well better be a dream”, so I tried to breathe through my closed nose. To my relief I was infact dreaming.