Competition Rankings for May

Drops in and out of dreams, isnt it somthing like that HR?

regardless it is impressive

Oh well… I’m fine with LDs every other night :smile:

Thats 9 for me… but it was sad… I didn’t realize it until like an hour into the dream… so I knew it would be short… and it was… heh

First I was going to school in boston, then I transfered to columbia and had an awesome loft bedroom… and then I was an undercover agent at columbia with my friend and we busted up some crime scene… heh… then I became lucid… but it was such a long dream.

I can do that :happy:. I eithere re-enter the dream lucid, or gain lucidity after a while. I can’t do as much as I like though, cos I have to wake form the dream naturally (not by my WBTB alarm).

5 LD’s

well i’m out of school (since friday)

i like to sleep (or be in bed) for like at least 10 hours…

I tend to have at least 2 LDs per night, one I think I had 5 or more…

(only one today, but I got up early)

33/12 = 2.75 lucid dreams per night which sounds about right to me.

I have horrible sleep, I mean, I wake up possibly once per hour, I can’t always re-enter, I usually have to at last twice per night spend an hour with sleep inducing techniques to get back to sleep which is very hard when you’re relaxed and unfocused… so.

I guess I’m either naturally aware of my sleep pretty much at all times except my first sleep cycle, or something is wrong with me.

Getting a better bed might help, my back always hurts, no position is comfortable.

Take me out of the comp rankings please. I wont be here for a bit and wont be updating so there is no point in me being in there. I need some time to cool off Otherwise i may say somthing that i will regret


Put me in with 26 LD’s.

26 LDs in 13 days? That’s so consistent it’s sickening.

I had a pretty funny LD-moment this morning :smile:

I was browsing this thread when I noticed that I was down to 0 LD’s and Jaroed and Siiw had passed me with 3. I remember thinking “hey, that can’t be right, at least I had 1 LD!! Maybe I’m just dreaming this?”

and that’s about what I remember, maybe I became lucid after that.

Most likely I probably just accepted the fact that Jarod may have made a typo :cry:

:rofl: Macrophage!

6 LD’s

Plus one lucid dream for me :grin:.

+3 LD’s

wait a sec…how did some people get ALOT of lucid dreams??? I only got 8 so far…I wish I got more…-_- even if I did get some lucid dreams there pretty weird but oh well…

6 so far :smile:

Some people (really experinced, or just naturals) get one or more LD’s each night.

7 LD’s

Another for me. And a good, long, realistic one :grin:. Only I had no control at all… pooh :sad:.

Another great one here: a lot of flying through wooden doors :smile:
So that makes 7 in total.

8 LD’s