Competition Rankings for August

Another WILD. So 2 in total.

2 LD:s :sleeping:

I’ll join for this month. I’m currently at 0; I need some motivation!! :grin:

Good luck daysong !
First (little) LD of the month. I almost have not remembered it !

Up to 6 now :smile:

4 ld’s

2 more for me :cool:
But I couldn’t move in one of them :cry:

4 LDs.

8 ld’s

Hey put me down for one.


Go ahead and put me in with 11 Ld’s

lol somehow i dont think i will get above what i am at now i am sooo outta practice :razz:

+1 LD.

3 LDs.

3 LDs :cool:

I’ve had 1 brief LD, still need to put it in my diary

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hmmm… takes an RC

1 LD for me :content: It was pretty low level, and I’m still trying to recall the details now…

I’m joining again.

Only one so far.

I’ll join in.
So far this month I’ve had 2 LDs.