Competition Rankings for August

2 more plz

Just a lucid moment this night. And very low lucid too. So it doesn’t count. :grrr:
Staying at 1 LD :sad:

5 LDs now.

lol were u dreaming HR?

10 ld’s

another 1 plz

Had another last night. Making two :cool:.

6 LDs.

14 ld’s

tho i’ve never done this and i’ll probly come in last place :wink: i’ll start off with 3 LD’s.


that gives me 2 :happy:

DeMoN is your total amount 2 or 3 for august. You wrote 2 but you have 3 in your signature. I will put you at 3 because I had 2 for you before :confused:

oops sorry i mean’t to say 3


2 for me so far.

DeMoN and I are having a competetion of our own. I must win :o

oops sorry jarod, guess i have a slow memory but i just remembered another one, so i guess i dont have 2 or 3 but 4 :cool_laugh:

another 1 plz. ok this was one of the strangest LD i have ever had in my life, this time it didnt feel like a dream at all, like even ld feel like dreams but this… intence. it was about diffrent dimensions and parrall uni and i moved between them and each time that i did i affected this one… very very odd

I had 1 too :grin: and I also had either HI or a LD where I was in my bed all the time. And I got to listen to some relaxation tapes in that one :cool:

2 more for me this morning. Up to 4 now.

got another last night night that gives me 5 :cool_laugh:

I had 3 last night :o Very productive for me. I have 5 now.