Competition Rankings for August

One more this morning…
so I’m at 3 total now

2 LD’s for me this month :smile:

2 more yay, thats 5 :smile:.

Finally had a LD that I could count here :smile:

I was on a roll last morning, my new mantra seems to work :razz:… +3 makes 8.

2 more… Again during a nap… :smile:

Had another LD :cool_laugh: but I’ve forgotten what happened in it :cry: but I know it was long enough to count.

wootness had a long friggin LD last night (well actually in the course of the past hour) so mark me down for one more :grin:

I’ve had 2 LDs far this month.

I’ve 1.

I had lucid moment long enough within ND to count in, today morning. So it’s 4 for August.

At last, one LD in august! :happy:

im going though a bad dream spell but i have 8 now

I had one lucid dream yesterday and one today that makes two in this month.
I was having almost one month dry period without lucid dreams at all.

I had a LD this night, so now it is 2 LDs in august

+1, thats 9. And it was a decent long one too :razz:

2 LD’s since last time, first a DILD where i recognised a dream location, then a WILD this morning. Still problems with connecting to the ground. I’ll post when i get home, before i head for trondheim. :cool:

I had 1 more, so 5 in total.

+2=11. Proably cigar induced…

I had one last night. :cool: it makes a total of 5, but for some reason i can’t change my profile from the phone.