Competition Rankings for August

One very short last night… :content:

Had my 6th in August today morning.

I had a lucid moment this morning, so I’m counting it as 0.5.

a thundering TWO for me…

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8+2 = 12 J/K 10 FOR ME NOW

  • 1… total 11 :smile:

Had 2 this morning :cool:

1 more last night…

I am back from lucid dreamin’ vacation, and I’ve had a whopping one lucid dream in August so far :smile:

1 more, very short and low lucid… maaan, i’m having the crappiest LDs ever this month… :sad:

19 LD’s.

I’m a bit stressed and if I can’t relax and sleep it really affects me. But I have been having the odd night where I can really focus on getting as many good ones as possible so don’t worry, I’m not out of practice :smile:

I’m finding it easier to go from a day dream into a lucid dream now. I day dream about something then I fall asleep without noticing I have! I tried this method a lot when I started but no luck. Don’t know if it’s linked to me having trouble with LD’s at night.

Awww maaannn !! I was so hoping to get my first lucid cookie this month… :cry: :crying: :ohno:

I had a short one this morning. :cool: it makes a total of 6

1 more for me. Total = 2.

1 this morning makes 3.

Had a short one this morning :smile:

I had a short one this morning also! :grin:

I had 2 last night. That makes 8 total :cool:

I got my 7th today morning.

I had another one this morning :cool_laugh: