Competition Rankings for August

Last night was a good night and very fun. Met 2 interesting DC’s I definately want to meet again. And a possible SD. I’ll just wait for the password.

Anyway, I had 5 LD’s after constantly waking up and re-entering a dream. (Thanks to the hole in my bed…)

That makes 8.5 for this month.

This summer has been busy (holidays), but, I’m finally on the August list with 1! (Click here to see)

Two .5 WILD’s get me to 6.

Another lucid moment! Two nights in a row is a first for me.

That brings me to 1.

Only one so far
Total : 1

I had two in the same night Saturday, brining me to 3 for this month.

Had 2 more last night bringing me to 10.5 for this month so far.

I finaly had my first one for the month last night.

Yay HILD…ish

I had a .5 last night. I knew it was a dream, and manipulated things because of it, but I don’t remember becoming lucid. Can one become lucid gradually or sneakily, so that you don’t notice it?

3 for the month, now.

.5 last night bringing me to 11.

3 this morning totalling 5.5 this month …sigh my sleep patern is so messed up, I’m suprised I’m having LD’s

2.5 get me to 8.5.

One more.
That makes the total this month 2

.5 for me in August (see it)

I had my first ever LD this morning, Which makes 1 for moi! :grin: :grin:

My DJ (See august 10th)

Another lucid blip this morning! :cool_laugh:

That brings me to 3/2 or 1.5.

2 more get me to 10.5.

I had two LDs a couple of days ago. I’ll write them in my DD when I get home from Finland.

1 more this morning totalling 6.5 for this month :smile:

^freedom88, your lucid dreaming records are absolutely amazingly incredibly astounding! My goodness!

had two in the same night for the first time!

That’s 5 all together this month. Already tied with last month! =]