Competition Rankings for August

One last night so that puts me at 2 for this month… I’m so going to win hahaha

Decided to try WILD this morning after a long while of doing nothing… and wow I forgot how powerful it was, everything from vividness and speed of switching states, anyways my total for this month is 16 :content:

I had 1 last night which makes 22 for August.

another .5 last night…these halves are killing me!

Now, how exactly do you define 0.5 lucid dreams? Can you have 0.25 or 0.75? :eh:

Another WILD brings me to 17.

I’ll answer that question when I have more time, huggkruka. Although I’m sure someone else can explain that to you.

Look for the answer in the July’06 topic (link in the first post), I asked the same :razz: (it will be at the end of topic, after 25.07)

I had a LD last night with 2 copies of that same LD after words. In reality I had 3 LD’s but I’ll count those 2 as 0.5’s.
2 +22 brings me to 24!!
W00t! I beat my record!

I’m just glad I had a full LD. 1 for last night brings me to a total of 4.

Well, someone answered, but I’ll answer also.

Usually, if I have a low level lucidity or one that lasts for mere seconds, I’ll just count them as .5.

I’ve never heard of anyone counting LD’s as .25 or .75…

Hey maybe you should sticky that at the beginning, it gets asked quite a lot, just a thought though

0.5 this morning totalling 16.5 for this month :content:

I had another .5. Could have been a nice solid 1 if I didn’t think “wait, I’ve fallen asleep! I was supposed to wake up and write in my DJ! wakes up

So that’s 12 for the month so far.

Another 2.5 this morning through WILD, totalling 19 for this month :content: … also why is it music always sounds perfect in LD’s? hmmm

I had my third LD this month.

Still holding steady at 5 this month. I’ve had lots of interesting, lifelike dreams this month, but only 5 lucid.

2 .5’s get me to 18.

Had another LD, getting me to 19.

1 more for this month totalling me to 20 :smile:

1 for me today :cool_laugh:

2 more this morning!
= 5