Competition Rankings for August

one small LD link

unluckily it was the first REM period of the night :meh:

Some dreams to report from a week ago:

I had a nice little WILD, lost lucidity, then regained it, so 1 for that (Click Here). I also had a short lucid moment, so I’ll take a 0.5 for that. (Click Here)

That takes me to 5.5 I suspect next month will be much better.

I had a nice long LD last night! This is my second WBTB of the night, so there’s still a chance to get another. Click Here to read the dream, it’s also the first half of this month’s Moon Quest: Get Yourself a Dream Pet.

This brings me to 6.5 for August (so far!)

well done moogle and lucid mike :content:

One long LD this morning with two shorter ones which I’ll count altogether as 2 LD’s, bring my total to 22 for this month :smile:

3 more last night brings me to 22. Interesting, because I felt sick last night and still feel a little sick…

One more LD for me. That brings me to 3 for the month.

1 more makes lucky 13!

Hey, that wishing well really works!

1 more for me making 25. I need to get 5 in 2 days to reach my goal.

I got two more last night, making 15.
I need to get 5 in one and a half sleeps to reach my goal.
(of course 20 lds isn’t a cocky goal for my second month!)

Once again you forgot to update my account :sad:

Anyway, i had my forth LD last night.

a short one this morning, makes 6 in total!

Um. Wow. Really sorry about that… :sad:

MatrixManNe0 :truit: truit’s self

Well, because of school and my ear infection, I couldn’t reach my goal… I’m still happy I managed to beat my record though so it was still a good month. :smile:

I got 3 this month. A new record! :thumbs:

Looks like I stopped at 22 this month…!

Average. I hope to get at least 25 next month (I will update this tomorrow so everyone has a chance of submitting their LD’s).

Aaaaaand, congrats to our winner, Lucidity_Master who had (gasp) 47 this month!!