Competition Rankings for August

Couldn’t someone just lie?.. and no one would know? :neutral:

Well, the liar would know.

Actually it is very easy to lie, but I trust everyone to play fair. It’s just a friendly competition to hopefully motivate you to have more LD’s :wink:

Darn Wyvern, congrats! That’s a lot of LD’s!

Yes, but the point of the competition is to increase LDs. Not to pretend to increase them. Some people work better in a competition…

This is the most nicest and most open minded forum I know. I trust everyone here to tell the truth. And what would someone be gaining by lying? I know 8.5 sounds hard to believe, but once I had 11.5 in a night. I think there was someone else who got that too. That’s why I don’t keep an active DJ! So much to write!

Yeah, I’ve had a few nights where I had around 6. I believe Wyvern. :smile:

Wow you guys put in a lot of effort. I’m in a dry spell right now unfortunately. But I’ll keep at it!

me 2 :neutral:

+3 (total: 10.5)

Hey, Wyvern, how was the quality of those LDs? There were so many, they must have been short, or do you have unlimited REM-sleep? XD And I wonder, did you actually get a good nights sleep after waking up so many times?

The were decent length. The .5 was 15-20 seconds though.
Waking up over and over (And I don’t do this intentionally) doesn’t really bother my sleep much. I still feel fine when morning comes.
Oh, btw, I wrote out a lot of the dreams to Python Angel over MSN, so yes, Sean, I’m gonna post them in my DJ. :tongue:

Oh yeah, another .5 making 14.5

2 .5s get me to 9.

one of my rare visits to the rankings topic :boogie:

I had a LD last night
Free Fall LD

Another .5 gets me to 9.5.

I have been thinking if there should be two lists in the rankings topic? One for WILDs and the other for LDs through DILD and MILD Since if you use the WILD method it is a lot easier to get multiple LDs in a night by just using the snooze button :eek:

Why not also having one for FILD/HILD?

it would just be a division between the ones you enter through a waking state and so enter the dream lucid and the ones you become lucid in the dream.

  • .5 + .5 = 4 for me :smile:

another LD

Questioning Dream Characters TILD :tongue:

which makes the grand total of two for this month.

1 long one last night making a total 15.5.

Another 3 more making 18.5.

2 last night gets me to 11.5.