Competition Rankings for August

Another getting me to 19.5.

2 .5s get me to 12.5.

+9 (19.5)

Ha, perfect come-back! :happy:

3.5 last night gets me to 16.

(I’m coming back around as well!!)

I just barely make it in with 1 two nights ago, making a total of 2

+1 (20.5)

Hey, I might actually be able to win this :smile: If I win, I’ll organise the next competition, as promised.

Another one last night gets me to 17.

I had 2 last night, bringing me to 6 :smile:

Any ideas of a better way to do the previous winners? I think it’s starting to get a bit long… :shrug:

Ysim - I don’t quite know about a solution for that yet…

Congrats, Tamara! :smile:

just start cutting it off. have only the last 20 months or so i dunno

alternatively, make a seperate topic that is added to every month and sticky it, and lock it. Then, show the last year’s winners in the topic